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I have started to write this blog because blog is my passion and i have made several blog, but finally i got my favorite template. I am working in private company and i passed my graduation with Maths. when i was searched with Google for something new, i have read an article 'how to earn through internet' then i thought that why i can not convert my knowledge to earn some money. 

So, i have started to read the several blog article or post and know about the rules and regulations of blogging. Then my interest level increased day by day and first of all i opt. the Blogger.com to start the blogging and maked first site 'Patnabihar2012.blogspot.in' , but at that time the main concern was to earn money, so i have applied to get the Google Adsense code with little knowledge of Google Policy and 1st rejection was received my me. 

Now again i am writing the blog with the name of myself 'rajeshdeepakblog.blogspot.in' and will be applied for Ad-Sense, when the blog will be complete. 

This is the fact and genuine story. So, i assure the new blogger 'Keep Blogging' and hope that if you follow the Policy of Google Ad-Sense, no-body can stop to get the Ad-Sense. 

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Rajesh Deepak

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