Follow 7 Points During Investments In Stock Exchange

How To Invest In Share Market & Know About Online Process

Points should avoid during investment in stock exchange. Investment in stock market is very lucrative to all of you, because everybody knows that it is the only tools to earn big money in short span of time. They do not aware about the black part of the Stock Market. It is very important to know about the past, present and future trend of the emerging market. If you aware about the pros and cons of equity market then there is no way to lose your hard earn money in stock trading. First of all you should

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Know about the financial market and marketing strategy of stock trading.

Buyers can invest money directly in company share through Stock Market by online trading. It is not as safe as Mutual Fund. If you are not aware about the share trading, get help of expert and then enter in trading online. 

What Is Share Market Basic.

Basically share market is place where share of public listed companies are traded. Two types of market run there. First primary market and another is secondary market. If securities have traded first time in primary market they are traded in the secondary market. Secondary market regulated by regulatory authority of India and both are governed by security of exchange board of India (SEBI). Stock broker has facilitated by stock exchange to trade the company stock. They are also authorized to trade the other securities in Indian stock market. In Indian stock exchange, buyers and seller meeting place has been finalize in the NSE and Mumbai Stock Exchange.

During the trading session, some adverse feature reflects in stock market like – insider trading. It is very difficult to face the investor to know about that, which companies are involved in insider trading.

In brief you can understand “what is insider trading”.

“If any employee of the company, who have access to the strategic information of his company and involve self to trade the company share” is called insider trading.

This type of malpractices can affect Stock Market any time and decrease the profit of small investor drastically. 

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Mumbai Stock Exchange (BSE) 

Points During Stock Exchange Investment.

Few suggestions are here to you to be conscious during investment in financial or global market.  

1. Don’t focus on other investor trend as they adopted to invest the amount in share market. Collect the information about the past record of company share and get the advice of Market Researcher and then investing in stock market.

2. Don’t try to time the market. It is not the good attitude to invest in stock market. The question can rise “Which is the right time to invest in stock exchange”. It is not well defined. Right way is given below paragraph.  

3. Don’t try to be one time investor. A discipline approach of investment in long term, always return your money with good interest. A short term investor should not focus on share market; they should be go with bonds and fixed interest rate.

4. Don’t invest and withdraw your money emotionally. A strong strategic trading always will be fruitful to you. If you will take to decision of investment and withdrawal of your money in fear and greed, bull market will not be given you the best reward as an investor.  

5. Don’t expect more and more returns, when you buy the shares. If you analysis that previous year particular stock has been given 50% return then definitely margin will be higher than that. This is not the right thought as an investor. You have to analysis your investment for good returns only. A realistic approach always motivates you to maintain continuity of investment in stock market.

6. Don’t invest that amount, which is required in near future. A surplus amount should use to get the good returns, because you have to go with long term investment.

7.  Don’t leave your investment growth on god. Monitor your stock performance online time to time and switch, if it is required. You can take the expert advice to withdraw your investment.

Overall investment in stock market is not the wrong decision. Your aim should be clear. Definitely, returns will be come out. Indian people focus on US Market Dow Jones ups and down, basically they think that if World Market goes in decreasing position, same will be reflected here. But a regular investor should not be fear from ups and downs of world market. Only follow 7 points during investments in stock exchange as given above.

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