4 ways To Make Your Computer Faster - Practically Proofed

How To Make Your Computer Faster - Tips

Get your computer faster by 4 ways. Computer speed is very important to save your time, money, electricity etc. As you know, internet is very expensive for someone and if you lost your bites without using that, you will be worried. So many tools are available in market like computer faster software free download, external hard drive computer faster, formatting, software updating etc, but all these are expensive device and can help to lost save data during software update.

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Computer Speed 

You want to know the points, which could be used to grown up your computer speed without using format or other techniques.That means -

How To Fix My Computer Faster.

These tricks or techniques are practically relevant and work faster to clear the hurdle to your slow computer. Now points are -
1. Reduce number of startup – After downloading the application and files in phone, the startup number also increase continuously. Starts up program start work, when user on the desktop computer set. So many programs can involve in this like Analog Clock, Screen News feed, G Talk, Skype etc.

Start to reduce these all instrument from your computer. Click computer left side option “Start” and select ‘Run’. When you open the RUN box, write the word ‘msconfig’ and click on enter button. Then click on startup and remove that program, which are used by you.

2. Erase all temp files – Temp file is that file, which generate by default. These files reduce your pc computer speed. You will be also deleted these files and again you will be gone with start button. Now type “%Temp%” in Run box and press enter button. A new window will see, check the files and delete all. You can delete these file form ‘C’ drive also.

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Image To Clarify The Process Of Computer File Deletion. 
3. Delete all corrupt files – It is big question how to fix corrupted files of your system. So many files corrupt in your system by default, because OS system always updates the files directly. These files are not important for users and occupy the space of your system. You have to delete these files or repair. You can delete these files from computer panel. Just click on program and uninstall or change the program after checking from system file.

4. Upgrade computer driver – When you purchase the computer, company provide the driver. You have to upgrade your computer driver to run the game files smoothly. If you are interested to run game with HD quality then up gradation is mandatory.

In last segment, implement the above given points on your computer.

If you have any device to check your system files one by one and find out to clean up option, definitely delete that type of file to grown up your computer speed. I have applied all the above given tools on my computer and result was positive.


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