Salman And Shahrukh Upcoming Film May Break Records In 2016, Raees & Sultan Teasur Hit.

Salman & Shahrukh Film Teaser Released

Salman Sultan and Shah Rukh Khan Raees teaser released. Both upcoming film will break record in 2016. It is very difficult to analyses, which one will break the records in coming future. Recently released Salman Khan Film, Bajrangi Bhaijaan break the records and set the landmark to all upcoming Bollywood Film as well as Movie Sultan teaser is also reflecting the same trained of business growth. 

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Shah Rukh Raees 
People liked Khan Poster and teaser of both the film on YouTube. But in social media, Salman Khan’s Sultan collected the more number from Shah Rukh Khan Film Raees. By the report of Hindustan Times, Teaser of Salman got two thousand hit in 1 minute and more than 7 lakh in 3 days. Sultan hash tag was viral several days on social media like Face book, Twitter, and viewers have shared it more and more.

Audience and viewers want to know the new look of Salman in Sultan. So, these are the reason to see teaser. They also promoted it on digital platform. Salman has got number of comments on hash tag.

Every Bollywood actor appreciates the look of Shah Rukh Khan in Raees and like the new looks in Teaser. But fans did not get new in this film. 34 Lakh people has seen the teaser and got 3 lakh twits in three days but as per analysis of viewers Sultan is back from Raees. It may be possible the followers of both actors will start the Khan Poster war at the time of release date of film.  

So, many thoughts are coming from Bollywood that is it possible to release both the films on same date by both the Khans. King Khan is silent on this comments but Salman told that this release date collision will work effectively to attract the more viewers to cinema hall as well as enhance the number of multiplex also to release the Bollywood films. So, it may be possible to finalize the date of release for next year E-id. I think more cinema hall required to smoothly releasing the number of films in India. The number should be twenty to twenty five thousand. Salman may be focus to keep all his upcoming films side and focus Sultan Center.

I would like to say that this is not free film to watch. You will pay money to watch films online or in cinema hall, so it is very important to analyze film on available tools like You Tube.  

Fans of both the stars are in doldrums. This year number of projects is running by Shah Rukh Khan and he is also engage in the shouting of Dilwale. Meanwhile he releases the Raees also. So, his fans are totally confusing that which film, they support to uplift the career path of Shah Rukh Khan. Both are big budget film not a short film.

Overall both the films are very entertaining and top films. Fans will not be bore and will get the value of money. It is very difficult to predict the all future data in one shot. Wait the release data and see, what happen on next E-id. One thing is clear that ‘Takkar Jordar Hogi’. Before release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan , every one say, this film will face the problem because Bahubali has broken the all records in very short span of time. But result was totally different; Bajrangi Bhaijaan crosses the collection of 100 Cr. in very short time and continues to set the new land mark for all Bollywood upcoming Hindi Movie. Due to this type of tussle, so many producers extended the release date of his upcoming film.

After all film review is very tough task to analyst. Now you have to analysis, which one should be watch in 2016.


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