How To Transfer Data Without USB Cable Help.

Connect PC To Transfer Data Without Cable

Everyone should know ‘How to transfer data without USB cable help in two devices. As we know about the function of Smartphone. Today we use data cable to transfer the data from Smartphone to PC, iphone to iphone or vice versa. LAN cable and data cable plays a vital role to connect your device from other. 

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Date Transfer Without Cable
I would like to share the knowledge ‘How you can transfer data from one device to another without using data cable’. Definitely you will be shocked to listen this sentence and will eager to know the process. A site will help to transfer the data. I have discussed about the whole process in next paragraph.

Without Use USB Cable - Transfer Your Data

The website name is ‘Portal Push bullet’. You can use your Wi-Fi network to transfer the data with the help of this site and apes. It is not difficult to transfer Music file from your computer to Smartphone. You have to type the portal name ‘’ at your PC web address as well as download the Ape in your android Smartphone and open it. Now you can transfer any file with the help of QR file.

Another quality of portal is to save the files at right place of your Smartphone. The very important part is to connectivity of network should continue during this activity.
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Pushbullet Site Help For Data Transfer
Steps To Connect With Process

If you have Wi-Fi connectivity then connects PC and Ape both in same times. I would like to share one thing here that the huge data will spend during file transfer. Uploading and downloading process is costly from Wi-Fi. You have to keep this in your mind and setup the all process with confidence and try to finalize the transfer process in first shot.

I have pointed some special features of this site –
  • You can transfer whole folder easily in one step.
  • You can open your android phone file easily and can share frequently.
  • All transferred file will automatically save in your Smartphone gallery.
  • Android 5.0 (lollipop) and all version after that will directly save in SD Card and will convenient to use.
How Much Will Be Payed For This Tools Site

This website is totally free in all respect. You have to pay only for duration of downloading and uploading your file in Smartphone and PC.

Did you imagine before reading this article that data transfer can be easy for Smartphone and PC users in this way. But it is possible with above given tools and guidelines. Share your views and feedback in below given box and convey this message to your colleagues that “Possible To Transfer Data of PC and Smartphone Each Other by Portal Help Or Without Cable Help”.


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