Tips Of Using Cashless Health Policy Benefits

Cashless Health Benefit And Process

Today discuss about the Tips Of Using Cashless Health Policy Benefits.  A good health is part of our life and everyone should be conscious about that. So many healths related tips and policies are available in market. Every insurance company knows about the advantage of health related policies potentials to generate more and more revenue. Health policy safe your life and protect wealth to spent in hospital bills.

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Cashless Benefit
Everyone should have one health policy to protect the family. Your investment to create the wealth will only be protected, if your health be covered.

What Is The Process To Avail The Benefit Of Health Plan

Several companies are providing the health policy with the benefit of cashless facilities. First of all I would like to explain about the process of cashless benefit. When we get the health policy, company provide the health card, this card will be valid for all listed hospital. Listed hospital means insurance company contacts the hospital and adds in the panel, if hospital meat out the all fixed criteria of insurance company. Then company provides the printed list with card to its insured person. If insured person and beneficiary want to get the cashless benefit for treatment, they should move to listed hospital and meet the representative of cashless counter in hospital. The concerned person contacts to the single touch point of company and provide the all expanses details through Mail or FAX and try to get the approval from there. The hospitalization process will start after getting the approval message from single touch point.

Cashless Benefit Criteria

Here, I would like to explain about the cashless benefit providing criteria of company. It is possible that request may be denied by single touch point. This will be happened, if your request will not meet out the terms and condition of policy. You can understand like that – may be your ailment cover after completion of three or two year of the policy term and you submitted request before that. May be your policy be in break up stage. Break up means your policy be not renewed within due date. So, it is very important that insured person be aware about the features of the policy. Insured person should ask about the details of ailment coverage year by year from selling person.

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Cashless Benefit For You
If your request denied by Single Touch Point, then you can opt another way to get your amount from insurance company. The second way is reimbursement. You have to pay all expenses of hospitalization and submit original bills with claim form to insurance company. Company again consider your request and reimburse your genuine bills after proper investigation.

Now discuss on another part of Health plan. A question will rise in your mind that what will happen, if insured and beneficiary want to get the treatment in hospital, which is not listed.

Your health policy provides the authority to insured person to get the Health Treatment in other than listed hospitals. Insured person will be intimated the insurance company or TPA that he or she will admit in other than listed hospital and they should be shared the information in prescribed format of insurance company. After getting the discharge certificate from hospital, you can go through claim re-imbursement process to get your hospital expenses by insurance company. You will have to collect doctor’s consultation note, original hospital bills, medicine bills, doctor’s prescription for hospitalization, discharge summery, in-door case paper before living the hospital. 

These are the basic documents required for claim submission.

So, you have to conscious and aware about these things after or before taking the Health related policy through Insurance Company.

1. Pay your premium before due date.
2. Policy should not be in break up condition.
3. Your health card and updated hospital list with you.
4. First information is mandatory, If you go through claim Reimbursement.

These are some points, just I shared with you. I am working with an organization and share, which I felt during my tenure. Overall health policy is important for all, if you take your policy in tender age, then your premium will be low and that will gradually increase with your age. So, take your policy as early as possible and cover your life as well as wealth. Let’s search the company and get the best policy online. 


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