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Write Self Analysis Things To Approve Site By Google

Every blogger have dream to get the Adsense approval for his blog. So many sites are available on net to provide some certain tips for Adsense approval. Numbers of blogger search some certain tips or tricks to get instant approval. I was one of them who read about the Approval process of top blogger, but I did not get certain tricks. I was fade up from the discovery of tricks and tips.

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Google Adsense Story
I have changed my blog according to them and get one rejection again. I think Google was checking my patience.

When I started my first blog ‘’, I was not aware about the TOS of Google Adsense. This was my first blog and I got several Adsense rejections on it. Some blogger suggested getting the premium site and purchasing domain. Then I follow these tips and get the domain, .com and started to write with wordpress. At that time, I have hired server but spent more and more time to delete the spam mail and enhance the server capacity to run my site ‘’.  Again I have applied for Adsense approval with premium site and domain and got the rejection again. Now you can think that how much I would be frustrated. I did not apply again for this site and focused to make new one without spending money. Now site has been closed and i was ready to make a new site. That was

When I started to work with free site ‘’, I got the confirmation from a site owner about the approval on He confirmed that I can get the approval but my site should be 6 months old and with perfect navigation. 6 months criteria were applicable, because I am from India. During this tenure (6 months), I again break the rule of waiting and Applied for AdSense approval and result was same as discussed above.

Now I decided to completely focus on writing the article and will apply after completion of 6 months of site life. That was my right decision. I started to write evergreen post. Evergreen post means, post will be relevant in present and future. 68 posts were completed in seven month. Second part was to resolve the issue of navigation of my blog pages; because Google always point out that site has navigation problems in pages. Hear I would like to suggest new blogger that don’t make new pages with your site, if cannot resolve the navigation problem. If you have the pages like About Me, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer etc, then properly navigate pages to crawl by Google robot. Get the proper navigation of blog pages; go to your blog post blogger dashboard and press on Layout. Now press edits of ‘Page Menu’ and linked your pages with the help of ‘Add External Link’ Option as shown in below screenshot.

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Page Navigation Process As I Adopted During Site Making
Now I would like to share my tips (practical tips) with you, how I got the Adsense approval after spending a long time. First you make your site with I have defined the all process in my past published post –

During your site creation you have to use your active and Google Approved Gmail account. Create pages, if you want and set navigation properly as discussed above. Write 50 to 60 decent Articles to use your creative writing. Don’t copy other site content. Wait for 6 months, if your site with domain. Place page menu in lower part of site also to search the site content easily by visitors. Article should be 300 to 400 words (not mandatory but necessary for long term earning and traffic scope) as I wrote. Site should be add with webmaster analytic and indexed the all pages in Google.

So, many blogger write in article, a huge traffic required on site for Approval, but I think it is wrong. Google only required traffic to verify your site in terms of navigation, Ads placement in right place, proper navigation. Don’t worry if your site is getting low traffic. After getting the first phase approval from Adsense, place ad code in site pages (not in side bar or other place) and update pre written post to get some traffic on site.

I think there should be not any scope to deny your Adsense request.

You can end your confusion to read the TOS (Terms and Condition) of Google Adsense. Please share your view about my concept. I have written all these tips as I practically realize during site making and Ad-sense approval submission. Last but one think is very important that try and try again, defiantly you will get the success.


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