4 Google Apps Provide Features Like Android Marshmallow Nexus Smartphone.

4 Google Apps Provide Features Like Android Marshmallow Nexus Smartphone.

Marshmallow Android Features, Android Download 

Google latest operating system Android Marshmallow has been famous among the users. European countries are using this operating facility but India did not use this system in phones. But you can avail the features of Android Marshmallow Nexus in your phone by downloading some apps.

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Marshmallow Features For Budget Phone
Android Marshmallow developers have given tips to use budget phone with features of android operating system. Recently Google announced that nexus rollout is in progress and if you are having Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 7 phone then expect about the notification in near future.

These apps help to lock apps and phone by your fingerprint. Anyone can open link available on WhatsApp or facebook, without going on browser. As well as user can automatically close app to stop the uses of RAM.

Some smart Android Marshmallow 6.0 features are available in apps.

How To Open Link Directly Without Using Browser In Whatsapp And Facebook.

Android Marshmallow contains the features of Smart link. If anyone sends the link on WhatsApp and facebook, then you can open the link directly without using browser of your system. That means the link will be open in background. You will not be left first screen of phone. Users can also resend the link in whatsapp by using back button. That will save your data, time and money. You can use these features to download the Apps from Google Play Store. When you click on the link, app will provide an option in bubble to open. First time you will get these options, second time all links will open directly in background without taking your consent.  
Link, Bubble, Browser, Fast Speed, Scanner, Fingerprint
Link Bubble Browser
How To Lock Or Unlock Phone By Using Fingerprint Scanner.

It is very useful and good in terms of security. You can utilize the features available on Google Play ‘ICU - unlock fingerprint scanner’ app. This application will convert camera in fingerprint scanner. App got the rating 3.8 on Google Play Store. Users have downloaded this application 1 lakh times worldwide.

How Un-used Apps Of Your Phone Will Be Directly Closed.

This is the unique feature of Android Marshmallow 6.0. Task Manager works on that app, which are not using since long. Android send the apps in slip mode and that helps to save RAM and battery both of Smartphone. As per Google concept this application improves the battery capacity. If your phone screen has closed then application shutdown the all background active apps. This application also works to close all apps, if your phone is unlocked too. Rating on Google Play Store is 4.2.

Google Apps, Micro SD Card, Internal Memory, Transfer, Download
Task Manager App - Google App Store
How Transfer Data From Internal Memory To Micro SD Card.

If your phone has been routed then you can also do like that by using the App Link2SD. It is very important to devise should be routed. The route of device means you have to change the interface. Be conscious to use this method. Your phone may some error or problem to change the interface.

Android Marshmallow 6.0 will come first in below given phone set. (India)

Moto G Second Generation.
Moto G Third Generation.
Moto X Play.
Moto Turbo.
Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5.
Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.

39 % Android users uses KitKat 4.4 operating system. Large numbers of phone are having kitkat OS. 20 % are using jelibil 4.2 OS and 18% are using 4.1 OS. The Android Marshmallow 6.0 theme is to full fill the dreams of world by Google Android version apps.

These apps are full filling your dream to use budget phone with high technology acquired device.

360 Security Safe Smartphone And PC - Download Free (Link Available)

360 Security Safe Smartphone And PC - Download Free (Link Available)
360 Total Security Review, Analysis, Offline Installer

360 Securities App is good and safe option to on your battery saving mode as well as helpful to delete cashes item of your mobile phone. This App is working fine and number of people are using worldwide. Before using this App you have to checked your Smartphone speed and RAM capacity to avoid any crash, phone hang etc and use 360 security free download.

Download, Security, Review, Antivirus, Boost
360 Security App

You can guess about the popularity of “360 Security App” that near about 20 crore people has been downloaded worldwide to save his Smartphone from viruses or clean up malware. The decent feature of this App is to close the all running background App intently and speed up your mobile phone.

The another feature is – stop unimportant processing system of your Smartphone, if battery is low and does not support to run all the processing system of your phone. This is a big support for Smartphone users.

App acquires antivirus support to save the Smartphone function. This App is available on Google Ply Store and got the rating 4.6. Anyone can download this App directly from Google Play. They have to type 360 Security – Antivirus Boost in Google search to get the directly site details.

What To Do, If Google Play Store Crash During Apps Downloading.

It has been seen several times that Google Play Store crash during downloading the Apps for your phone or flash error code. You can update Google Play Store. Just go to play store, click on setting option and choose Build Version. You have to click on it to know about the play store updation. If you get the option “Update Play Store”. Click here for updation.

If play store crash after updation. Integrate Google account of phone. Go with phone setting and press on Google Account option, just click on it and press on remove account option. Now switch off your phone and start again integration process as discussed above.

How You Can Protect Your Smartphone From Kemoge Malware – Android Phones At Risk.

This malware infected large number of Smartphone users’ phone. This affect users’ entire phone, when start to download it. As per report 1 million users have been affected worldwide. Hackers access your information like contact, passwords etc. Kemoge Malware also provide access to hackers to control your computer or mobile through remote, subscribe to chargeable services, placing distance calls and sending message without taking your consent. That is harmful for computer and user both.

Use 360 security for pc and Smartphone protection, install apps from trusted official apps store like Google Apps Store. Avoid to click any suspicious image and link text url and messages. Always check the upgradation of your computer and mobile operating system. Now install application like 360 Internet Security Antivirus to protect, detect and block this type of malicious malware instantly.

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Benefits, Process And Results Of 360 Internet Security Apps
In nutshell, you will get three benefits after installation of this software.

All times protection with real effort- updated cloud and antivirus database protect from viruses, Trojans and malware.

Fast your Smartphone and boost the speed intelligently by manage memory of phone.  

Clean your device smartly, 360 Security antiviruses uninstall software and detect unwanted APKs in just on tap to save money and time of Smartphone users.

To install this app, just go with below link –

Teachers Day Special Quotes, Cards And SMS Released Here

Teachers Day Special Quotes, Cards And SMS Released Here

Teacher's Day SMS, Poems, Motivational Quotes

Teacher’s day is special days for student and an appreciation of teachers. The basic reason is to celebrate this day in school and college to appreciate the social responsibility contribution of Teachers. The teacher’s day date in India is 5 September and country celebrates Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday. Radhakrishnan has set the milestone in the
field of education. So many educational articles are running in country to the growth of the Indian student in this field.

Quotes, Teacher, SMS, Slogan, Speech, 5September
Teacher's Day
Teacher and student relation play vital role to get more efficient results in the field of education. Several motivational quotes and poems have produced by great legend. Which are always provoked the new generation to equip the society with new tools?

On this day every school and college of the country arrange the culture program and speech on teachers day as well as aware the students about the history of teachers day, arrange games between the groups of student, arrange essay writing competition and so many other activities among them.

Motivational Quotes On Teacher’s Day Are

Educational quotes and poems are energies the student to take the new decision effectively on the spot. Effective, inspiring, interesting and motivational quotes, quotations and poems of popular personalities are given here –

Teachers Day Happiness Quotes In English

1.  “ A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning” – Brad Henry.

2.  “ A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson’. – John Henrik Clarke.

3. “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students”. – Solomon Ortiz.

4.  “As student I am sure you have several dreams. If you are determined to move ahead nothing can stop you. Our youth are talented”. – Narendra Modi (PM – India)

5. “ You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul”. – Swami Vivekananda

6. “ That is the difference between good teachers and great teachers: good teachers make the best of a pupil’s means; great teachers foresee a pupil’s ends”. – Maria Callas.

Teacher’s Day Famous SMS Messages In English:

1. Teacher is only one great person who serves real value in our society.

2. Teacher improves knowledge of students to choose the right path in his life.

3.  The first teacher of the child is his mother, who always takes right decision since childhood.

4. Teacher means Talented, Elegant, Awesome, Charming, Helpful, Efficient and Receptive.

5. “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher” – A Japanese Proverb.

6.  Creation of great society is only possible, if teachers want to make that.

Free E-Card Released On Teachers Day.

Cards, Teacher's, Day, Love, Learning, Ignite, Inspire
Card For Teachers Day 1

Special Day, Radhakrishnan, Philosopher
Card For Teacher's Day 2
After all teachers’ day SMS and Quotes are very popular these days. Student sharing his feelings by sending mobile SMS on teacher’s day, what’s up messages, send e-mail greetings, Shayari SMS, web SMS on 5th of September. So many mobile companies provide free text messages gift to users on this occasions.

Share the quotes, cards images and SMS Quotes by SocialMedia as well as give opinion in below given box.

4 ways To Make Your Computer Faster - Practically Proofed

4 ways To Make Your Computer Faster - Practically Proofed

How To Make Your Computer Faster - Tips

Get your computer faster by 4 ways. Computer speed is very important to save your time, money, electricity etc. As you know, internet is very expensive for someone and if you lost your bites without using that, you will be worried. So many tools are available in market like computer faster software free download, external hard drive computer faster, formatting, software updating etc, but all these are expensive device and can help to lost save data during software update.

Computer, Faster, Speed, Techniques
Computer Speed 

You want to know the points, which could be used to grown up your computer speed without using format or other techniques.That means -

How To Fix My Computer Faster.

These tricks or techniques are practically relevant and work faster to clear the hurdle to your slow computer. Now points are -
1. Reduce number of startup – After downloading the application and files in phone, the startup number also increase continuously. Starts up program start work, when user on the desktop computer set. So many programs can involve in this like Analog Clock, Screen News feed, G Talk, Skype etc.

Start to reduce these all instrument from your computer. Click computer left side option “Start” and select ‘Run’. When you open the RUN box, write the word ‘msconfig’ and click on enter button. Then click on startup and remove that program, which are used by you.

2. Erase all temp files – Temp file is that file, which generate by default. These files reduce your pc computer speed. You will be also deleted these files and again you will be gone with start button. Now type “%Temp%” in Run box and press enter button. A new window will see, check the files and delete all. You can delete these file form ‘C’ drive also.

Computer, Software, Improve Speed, Tools
Image To Clarify The Process Of Computer File Deletion. 
3. Delete all corrupt files – It is big question how to fix corrupted files of your system. So many files corrupt in your system by default, because OS system always updates the files directly. These files are not important for users and occupy the space of your system. You have to delete these files or repair. You can delete these files from computer panel. Just click on program and uninstall or change the program after checking from system file.

4. Upgrade computer driver – When you purchase the computer, company provide the driver. You have to upgrade your computer driver to run the game files smoothly. If you are interested to run game with HD quality then up gradation is mandatory.

In last segment, implement the above given points on your computer.

If you have any device to check your system files one by one and find out to clean up option, definitely delete that type of file to grown up your computer speed. I have applied all the above given tools on my computer and result was positive.

Yuphoria Smartphone In Your Browser After 27 Aug 2015

Yuphoria Smartphone In Your Browser After 27 Aug 2015

Yuphoria Features, Available On Amazon Online

Amazon will start to sell Yuphoria Smartphone online from 27 August 2015. If you want to book this product, go on site and register yourself. Yuphoria made with metal and looks is amazing. Used metal has given strength to phone body.

Yuphoria, Smartphone, Browser, Review, Date of Release, Register
Register Now Yuphoria Online
This article is written for purchasers like Yuphoria Amazon user reviews. Buyers should not be believed only on Amazon Yuphoria script. Compare with other mobile product then take decision. Best buy Smartphone.

Amazon used the all tools to publicize this product and expected the better selling results from opening days. Amazon evaluates the publicity functions from time to time to improve their effectiveness. It is easier to promote a product if promotion techniques are modified to suit the requirements of the target people by online marketing. Time bound promotion always used by Amazon.

Can Yuphoria Beat HTC Smartphone Features.

The great features of this product are decent. It is ready with 64 BIT, 4G LTE, decent power consumption technology to provide great backup to run very long time to watch the Video, playing game online or offline, 2 GB LP-DDR3, fast and responsive with Cyanogen OS 12, powered with Android lollipop 5.0, power to control your data, well equipped with Gorilla Glass 3 as well as 5 HD screen with 16.7M colors impress you on visual graphics display.
More Features Of Best Smarphone

You can also get a 5MP front camera. Another feature is very good for those buyers, who want to take amazing selfies.  Its 4P lens works with 85 degree wide angle view and help for selfies. Sound quality is terrific, because pure wolfson sound and AAC speaker enhanced the sound quality to listener. Its battery quality is superb, it has the capacity of 2230 mAh and high density battery is optimized to last longer. Quick charge facility get only 45 minutes. It has used Quad Processors Core, 1.2 GHz processors speed and 1280 X 720 pixels screen resolution.

Samrtphone, Phone, Mobile, Price, Sales, Date Of Announcement, Affiliate
Micromax Yuphoria Available On Amazon
Amazon affiliate sells this product online because company knows that without a good product, advertising and online selling strategy will be ineffective. Pre announce date has finalized to flash the quality and features of product. So, consumer concentrates to book the product, when sells will start. It may be possible to sell all products in very short time. So pre advertisement will save the time to read the product features at time of purchasing or booking.

Don’t be focus to purchase cheapest Smartphone, because that will not always good for you and fate will not support continuously. Smartphone comparison always is fruitful for buyers. Collect every details of product and set your goal.

Get your Yuphoria Smartphone and enjoy accessible product features. Please share your views on Yuphoira specification and review. 

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Get In Below INR 11500 – flipkart

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Get In Below INR 11500 – flipkart

Galaxy Prime Announced Price For India By Flipkart Online Sale

As you know, Samsung is renowned company in mobile segment. Launched its Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime in below Rupees 11500/-. Company read the consumer behavior and changes in features and price. This type of environment analysis improves the sustainability of products in market.  Demand or market factors are considered under market conditions and changes improve the selling percentage as well as improvement in selling area also.

Samsung, Phone, Mobile, Galaxy, Grand Prime, Mobile In 11500
Galaxy Grand Prime
Samsung has launched its Galaxy Grand Prime android Smartphone in very decent price. 

Samsung Galaxy Features.

This Smartphone is available in 4G version. Slim and decent look acquired by this set.  Run with Android OS 5.1 lollipop. 5 inch HD Display will give your eye cool feeling. Phone has 1.2 Gigahertz quad core processors with 1 GB RAM capacity. Company has given two cameras, front camera has the capacity of 5 Megapixels as well as main is equipped with 8 Megapixels. Picture quality of Battery is good and impresses the buyers. Now discuss on battery capacity. Phone has acquired 2600 MAh batter and its backup is impressive. You can find some decent features in next paragraph.

In next segment the decent features of product is that it has TFT capacity touch screen, 16 M colors, 540 X 960 pixels resolution, multi touch display, micro SD card slot up to 64 GB capacity, video camera of 1080p@30fps capacity, HTML5 browser, Noise 95.0dB audio quality with crosstalk facility, 156 g weight, Optional Dual SIM, equipped with GSM / HSPA / LTE technology and provide the loudspeaker with 3.5mm jack system in sound.
Mobile Price In India

So many buyers will definitely compare the Samsung galaxy grand prime vs grand 2 and they should do this. That will be beneficial for them to get the product as per his requirement.    

Phone, Prime, Samsung, Samartphone, Flipkart
Grand Prime In 11500/-
This Smartphone price has disclosed. Price has given as per your expectation and a common man can purchase easily. The price is near about 11 thousand 1 hindered.

As per comparison, this price will create tough fight for other Smartphone companies in market to sell their product. You can buy, Samsung galaxy grand prime on flipkart, if that be available.

What is your thought on Samsung galaxy grand prime review; share your comment on below given box.

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