5 Tips To Improve Net Speed In Android Phone (Check Speed Test)

Ways To Test And Boost Your Internet Speed

Several android phone users purchase 3G or 4G connection to get more internet speed. But only avail the internet speed like 2G in Android phone. Users blame to mobile network company for low internet speed but they do not understand the basic problem of his phone. Sometimes our Smartphone is
responsible for low speed internet. You can use number of application to improve internet speed performance without spending lot of money.

Network Speed, Android Phone
Net Speed

Basic questions rise in mind “How to increase internet speed in android phones”.

The answer will be - these are the 5 tips to increase internet speed without spending lot of money.

Use TCP Optimizer App

Google Play Store provides you several application of TCP Optimizer. Those applications are helpful to improve internet speed. One of them is Internet Buster and Free Internet Speed Application. TCP optimizer stops advertisement and pop up window in your Android Mobile initially. You have to slight changes in application to improve the internet speed in computer or pc, but only one button helps to improve the speed in mobile. So, don’t change internet plan from 3G to 4G. First test the speed in mobile and download apps as per requirement. You can download internet booster and optimizer from Google Play Store.    

Clean Cache Timely From Smartphone-

When you use number of application, cache will create with same number. That cache reduces the speed of internet and phone processor in Smartphone drastically. To increase the speed of internet of phone, you have to continuously delete these caches. To delete these caches, open the ‘Storage’ option in phone setting. Now remove cache after reflecting the ‘Clear Cache’ option. Another thing, you have to confirm that phone internal memory could not be shown full. This is the second reason to reduce the speed of your internet. Save data in cloud.

DownloadFree Clean Cache App.

Disable Un-important Files To Reduce Load On Smartphone Processor-

Question may be raise – how to speed up android phone with less RAM because number of application start, when you on your mobile phone. Some processing is not required at that time. Process of application and hardware is the root cause to reduce the speed of internet as well as phone. Disable all un-important files.

To disable the running apps, go to setting option of your phone and choose app option. Now go to running option as given above category and confirm about the un-important files. Disable those file from processors.

Speed Test Online, Speed Checker Phone
Tips To Improve Net Speed In Android Phone - Check Speed Test
Update Smartphone Browsers

Your phone old browser reduces the internet speed. Company always update about the changes in browsers and reduce the minor fault. These up gradation better the performance of Apps. So, that is the basic reason to upgrade your phone browser time to time.

Use Antivirus In Smartphone To Stop Enter The Unwanted Applications-

Virus enters through browsing and effected file. That virus create problem like – phone hanging, low internet speed etc. A good antivirus stop entering virus and detect the infected files by scanning process. Scan phone time to time. I would like to suggest using 360 securities to protect your phone.

These 5 tips definitely protect your Smartphone and helpful to increase internet speed. Share these tips with your colleagues. 

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