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How To Submit Website In Directories Rightly

Directory submission is important for all serious blogger. Numbers of directories are available on internet. Some directory demands payment for submission of blog and some are free. You will decide which helps your blog today and in future. Free directory are famous among blogger instead of paid one. If blogger use the paid directories then
they will be paid a cent for site submission.

If you are submitting your site in number of directories then you should be conscious about the title and description part. Duplication is not allowed there. Every title and description in each directory should be different. If content will be same in two directory then search engine will not indexed the site. So, submit site with unique description and title. The main concept behind that the search engine track the title and description and suspecting that the directory submission with unique content and description performed purposely. Natural submission increase the possibilities to indexed and back link will be counted for your site also. Another very important point is that don’t use description same as title or vice versa, both should be different from each other as well as copy past is also not allowed for submission in other directories.
Directory categories with keywords like Technology, Hollywood etc. You should be placing your site as per your site categories. A right category helps the visitors to find out the certain type of blog or content. You must tag the listing with certain keywords definitely. If you do not tag with right keywords in directory, it would not help you to achieve targeted traffic for your blog. Targeted keyword relevancy definitely increase traffic as well as faith of visitors on your site.

After completion of site submission, you will be waiting a few months for auditor approval. It can take more time like two months or one year anything. So, I would suggest you for paid listing, if your budgets allow spending some money on it. I think that you will not wait for approval. Paid listing allows site to become featured in the search result and fulfill your dream.

It is very tiring process and perhaps you will be agitated to work on site submission. I will suggest you to hire SEO Company to resolve this issue. SEO company offer directory submission in very low price and will take your headache after paying the certain fee. I have also tried to submit my site in DMOZ directory, but I could not understand the process. Some time I felled that it is a big headache for blogger. Your hired SEO submit your site with help of his trained staff, it is very easy for them, because they are good at Search engine optimization.

So many renowned directories are available today. Some name are given below and you can use to submit your site free there, like Yahoo DirBoostability.com, Ontoplist.com, Blogged.com.  

I think I have explained here everything. If you want to add something more in this post you can submit with comments.    
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