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7 Webmaster Guidelines For Affiliate Link-Rajesh Blog

Today we discuss how 7 webmaster guidelines save affiliate link of your blog. As you know that affiliate selling strategy is very much depends on search engine ranking and crawl of content.  Not single site owner can avoid the importance of search engine to sell the product. If site owner has targeted visitors and is using the blog to sell the product through
affiliate marketing program, then they should know the Guidelines of Google Webmasters. They should implement the advice during written the posts. Blogger should careful about rules and regulations and try to spread the message to all his colleagues and friends, who are selling the product through blog.

Points Of Google Webmaster Guidelines For Affiliate
I would like to share 7 points of Google Webmaster Guidelines for affiliate link of your blog post.

1. Blogger should create unique post to avoid the similarity. So many blogger does not focus to write the content, they copy the content of affiliate merchant and paste on blog post with only title modification. It is not the right process. If content is not unique, then that is called duplicate content and search engine avoid to crawl the content and index it. A thin content always frustrate users. Just imagine, if you are customer and visit on site except merchant site to get some knowledge about the product and same content is running there then what will be your reaction. Same kind of reaction generate on visitors face. So always try to publish post with unique content. Publish your post description and reviews original, with comparison chart and add some valuable content for your visitors.

2. Blogger can add some part (which cannot be changed like camera lens 1220 X1100 pixel etc) of the content from merchant site. That part cannot be changed. But review, rating and product comparisons should definitely be unique. If you share your views with your esteemed visitors then they will faith on you and again visit on site. That helps to increase the percentage of returning visitors as well as number of your community persons too.

3. Product category selection is also very much important for your intended audience. If you targeted the affiliate program on your site and confirmed the relevancy of product with site, the more visitors attract and that will improve your income slab. Targeted theaffiliate program is to your site’s content to get the better ranking in Google search engine. I think blog owner should know about the interest of his visitors and be conscious on the selection of category of product.

4. Build up community among users by your site content and discuss about reviews and content as well as get the feedback on content. Community helps to build loyal reader. Loyal reader shares your content to increase the number of people in your blog community. These steps improve ranking of blog in search engine.

5. Blogger should be updated content. If you have written 50 to 60 post, but want to add some more valuable paragraph then immediate update your old content and covey the message by mail or other tools to your valuable clients. Updated post content will be crawled by Googlebot and clicked on by users also.

6. If blogger write the ‘Pure’ or ‘thin’ content on blog post that appears in many others place and search engine leave or negatively perceived the content. So, write unique content and maintain relevancy of your site with affiliate program to get your blog ranking as you wish. I would like to share that some time Google delete blog URL from search engine by Panda updates, if they find the duplicate content.

7. If you want to save your affiliate link by Google update then add a ‘no-follow’ link to such your blog money links. Search engine does not crawl that link. “Nofollow” link convey message technically to webmasters to tell search engine “Don’t follow the link”. This link appeared in the page level Meta tag, for example - <meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow”/>

These are webmaster guidelines for beginners to avoid affiliate link deletion from search engine and save affiliate link of blog post by 7 tips. 

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  1. Highly informative post Rajesh. Very very helpful!