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5 Most Important Things To Write Blog Posts

This post is basically belongs to my effort to making the blog. In starting phase, I was not aware about the blogging. Every article, when I read defines a new way to move forward. I write post and wait for the traffic on daily basis. I hope some miracle will happen with my blog and so many visitors will appreciate me. But I would like to share my
experience that I did not get any appreciation and suffered with low traffic. I write some post and share on social media to get the more and more visitors on my blog. But result was nil. Meanwhile I read about the earning tools like AdSense etc. Again I motivated after reading some article but when I read about the terms and condition as well as technique to generate the income from blog like CPC, CPM etc., then I thought that it is not easy as I think.

So many articles I read and so many conclusions I find out. That means I was totally in doldrums. If I failure to make my site as per norms I leave the site and start to make new one. I was also not aware about the domain, web hosting, link building, traffic generation, how to write post, search engine optimization and its working processors, page ranking etc. But I focus to read more and more article of top blogger and followed the all suggestions. 
Communicate with the blogger to know about the processors through facebook or mail. The main motivation and knowledge I received by reading the articles. I realize that same problem and issues had been faced by renowned blogger as like me, but they did not lose the confidence and always try to learn about the new tools and process to implement on blog. This is the right way to improve the confidence.  

1. Earning from blogging should not start instantly. You have to wait for some time and will not lose your passions. I would like to share some tips as I analyzed during my three month period. This is not a very long period for assessment, but this will help to new blogger to initiate the precaution in starting phase.
Start blogging today and follow the below tips.

  • Blog template should be responsive.
  • Purchase domain like .COM with web hosting. I will suggest getting from HOSTGATOR.
  • Create profile of your blog on social media like facebook, pintrest, twitter, stumbleupon etc.
  • Publish your blog with four pages. Pages are Privacy Policy, About Me, Contact Us and Disclaimer.
  • Write title with phrase in less than 60 words including space.
  • Uses reach Keywords in Title, Post content, Meta tag and Description.
  • List your blog in directory and search engine like Google, Yahoo-Bing, Yandex and Indi Blogger etc.
  • Share blog on your social media page and attract visitors through mail.
These are some tips that blogger can give attention. I have written some article basically on some above points especially. Just search on my blog and read some practical experience. I assure you that I wrote article as I faced the issues and get the solutions. These articles are not copy paste. I got the appreciation by mail that my article words are so simple and anybody can be understood easily.  

2. Now I would like to discuss about the lesson, which I got from my blog post. Don’t focuses only change the template? Lot of time spends by blogger to change the template. A responsive template that will be familiar with crawling and fulfill your all subject criteria is enough. The main focus should be given to write the unique and long content for blog. The unique content will play vital role to attract visitors and long content help to provide full information about the subject as well as continuity on blog post. Another focus should be on the selection of title of post with relevant keywords. Write article in your words. Focus to track the interest of visitors and demand of internet’s reader. Visitor’s interaction as well as filling familiar with written content will improve returning visitor’s percentage. This increase   of returning percentage will be helpful the blogger to get the traffic on that day, when they did not publish post.

3. Tips I would like to share that new blogger should focus to write 30 to 40 evergreen posts. Evergreen post means those posts, which are relevant at all time like “10 tips to make money online” and “Tips to index post instantly”. This type of post does not expire with time. Every internet users search this type of post randomly to know more and more about that. So, it will always be relevant and will play vital role to attract new visitors through search engine. Thirty to forty evergreen posts will attract certain traffic. For example, I have written number of post, which was technology based and my blog get the certain percentage of traffic on that day, when I do not publish any post.

4. Numbers of blogger has written long article (near about 1300 word). It is good but blogger should be consensus about the relevancy of post also. Every mistake helps to lose the visitors. So, content should be reach and continue increase the reader interest.

5. Blog popularity definitely increases your income. Don’t think that instantly you will generate the income. I read an article of popular blogger and he coat in his blog that his blog took the time 18 month to generate money. They explained in his blog that new blogger should not very much focus of SEO tricks as well as ranking in search engine. Only focus to write unique and evergreen post, definitely they will generate good traffic on blog and search engine ranking also. I would like to add one think here that I have focused on indexing. Your every post should be indexed. If you write niche article then publish snippet also through webmaster tools to see your title unique. Snippet protects your niche article during panda update as well as long article will help in search engine indexing. If any post deleted by panda update then follow the process as I mentioned in my other post. My all post has been indexed and reflected in webmaster tools by follow that processors.

So, look forward to focus on blog content and made your blog viral. Write evergreen post to improve traffic.

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