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Points Avoid Generating Search Engine Traffic Smoothly

It is very necessary for new blogger to know the points, which should be avoid adapting for smooth search engine traffic on blog. Generally site owner don’t take care about the small tips or steps to improve the Search Engine traffic. They think that every step is right and followed the rules or because he is the site owner, so think that who restrict him
to move his own way. But I would like to say that everyone should follow the rules, if they want to continue with his blog.  

Blogger always take care about his site. They spend lot of times to make the site good looking and do not focus of the other side like target visitors, search engine visibility etc. I don’t say that a pretty look site is not necessary but you should also consensus and focus on other parts. Basically you know that search engine generate traffic and targeted visitors can help you generate more revenue and of course money generation for your site. Just imagine, if you did not focus to make your site familiar for search engine then what the next steps you will be taken to generate traffic, I think you will pay for this, like expend your money on advertisement etc.

In first steps I suggest that your site should be focused on targeted visitors. For example, if you focus to provide the update of new jobs to visitors, your site name should reflect your message clearly like naukri.com, jobjunction.com etc. If your vision will reflect with your site name that will be easily known by certain visitors. If site made for internet marketing purpose then name should be reflected as above.

Now I focus on the main issue like ‘Which points should avoid to generate search engine traffic’.
Don’t use clumsy designed site. So, many blogger use the keywords several times in his blog post. It is not the right way. Keywords should be relevant with your blog post and use other keywords also as relevant with your blog content. More keywords repetition may downgrade the page or site by search engine.

Don’t use words again and again in your blog post, like “this is the internet marketing tips or its ok”. You should learn the other blog to gain the knowledge but avoid using similar words on your blog. Search engine is very smart to detect the duplicate page and may avoid crawling page. So, avoid duplicity and put your effort to generate new and unique content for your visitors.  

Avoid using keyword, which is irrelevant with your blog content. Many bloggers use rich keywords to improve the ranking in search engine. It is wrong. If your page content differ with placed keywords or irrelevant then search engine may removed your page or consider spam. Your rich or popular keywords will impact badly on your search engine ranking. So, I suggest don’t use those keywords in blog content, which are not define the context main theme.

Don’t try to hide keywords or phrases by making them tiny. Make it visible and relevant.

Avoid to assume all search engine working strategy are same and you know about all search engine, if know about one of them. May be every search engine working same on some points but you should follow the actual prescribed guidelines of search engine process. Working strategy may change time to time, you should learn the changes and know that, what search engine requires for high visibility.

Avoid using free web hosting. Free web hosting affect to increase the site traffic via search engine. So, many time search engine eliminate the content or do not track perfectly. Use premium domain with paid hosting. I would like to suggest here to get your hosting package by HostGator .

Don’t forgetting to check your website page element. Your page element should be completed in all respect and not having any broken or missing links. Check properly your blog link and generate sitemap. I mentioned here sitemap because you can detect the broken link during sitemap generation or can check with “Siteliner. Com” in free.

I think these tips certainly help your to remove the hurdle to generate genuine traffic through search engine directly. Share if you like this post.

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  1. Highly informative post Rajesh. Very useful for newbie-bloggers like me.