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Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Links Posting Directly

Amazon affiliate is a good resource to make money directly by posting the affiliate link with your blog post. Amazon is a renowned and established organization of online marketing. It also provides the stores to affiliate associate for help of the client to select the product from stores online. So, if anyone wants to earn online by placing the link of
Amazon can apply directly on site. Amazon has set the commission structure for sales of online product. The structure has categorized as per product sales.

I would like to share one thing here that you can place your link (as provide by Amazon individually) directly with your blog post and if you do not have any site then you share link on social sites to re-direct your traffic (traffic that means visitors or followers) on Amazon product site. Amazon give you commission or fees after conversion of your traffic on sale (conversion means visitors buy the product from you referral link at Amazon site). This is the way you can earn money online by Amazon affiliate link directly.
Now I would like to discuss about the advertising fee or commission of Amazon affiliate online earning program.

Advertising fee rates may vary on the number and category of products. It is also depending on the product shipped, streamed or downloaded in given calendar month. The standard advertising fee will be 4 % to 10 % on category wise. The advising percentage will be increased on the number of product shipped or downloaded in the given month.

For Example: - 1-6 Shipped – Fees will be 4% And If number increase like 7-30 – Fees will be 6%.

you can see the complete fee structure through link - Fee Structure

Amazon can also give you special opportunities to earn money online directly by promotions of the product. This offer flash time to time with product and categories wise to grow you’re earning. You can use the tools like Amazon stores, social media for directly link posting, blog post to use for affiliate link placement to earn lot of money.

You can get another resource to earn money directly by placing link only, instead of AdSense. If your site is new or you did not get approval for AdSense, you can start your earning today by Amazon affiliate link.
Approval part is very easy, you will only apply with your e-mail address and password and start placing link directly with your blog post. The central team gives you confirmation or approval mail as early as possible.

Finally I assure you that you earn very good money, if you follow the guidelines as given on site link. You will get the details about the product, link placement, banner placement and your earning link after joining the program.

I am sharing my personal experience that this program provide me great platform to earn money online and I am not waiting to get the approval from AdSense. Here I am free to use the social media for direct link placement as well as free from tough Google TOS. I am confidently saying you that if you do not lose your patience to monetize your site by Amozon affiliate link placement online then certainly month will end with earning a lot of money.

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