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How To Get Page Ranking One On Google Search In

This is very difficult to a blogger to get the page rank 1 in search engine ranking. A ranking help to generate more and more organic traffic directly and an organic traffic enhance the conversation percentage. I am trying to explain with example, if you are a blogger and get the approval from AdSense to display ads on your blog in specified place. Now you want to earn money through this.
Perhaps you drive traffic to use social media or you get the traffic through search engine. Search engine traffic is called organic traffic and I say about the conversion percentage means, visitors search certain things through Google search engine and get the result from your site and land on your relevant content directly. Because visitors are eager to know about the thinks that means they want to get that. So, we can assume that conversion percentage will be high to he can go to search more results of displayed ads.

To get this certain percentage, it is necessary to get the page ranking one in search engine. It is difficult to understand the new blogger to “how follow the parameters”.
I would like to share my experience here. How I got my blog page rank one in search engine.

First of all I talk about the title. Title play vital role to improve your ranking in search engine. You start your title with phrase and keyword. Try to get your post title in maximum 60 words with space. Keyword of title should be come first at the starting, meddle and end. It is very important steps. If you use the phrase, track the last words should be different and be not used with other blog title as well as should be like reach keyword and new for the search engine.

Second part is your blog post. Start your post as used in title keyword as well as use keyword randomly in your blog post content. Keyword should be in one word, two words or three words like “search”, “make money” “make money online”. You should also use the all keywords in your post, which you used for Labels tag or similar title placement.

Third step is to place the title tag with end of the content sentence.

I would like to also share that the description part should not be matched with the title tag keyword and Label tag or similar title placement, which should be started with phrase and keyword.

Unique content quality is mandatory part with this. If your content has duplicity and will write by cut paste method, it is not possible to get your blog page number one in search engine. 

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