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How to get back deleted posts on search engine by these step

Get back deleted posts on search engine headlines is very relevant for discussion at this time. When I was thinking to write another blog post three to four days back, I read a mail that Google will update with ‘Panda’ so traffic will be affected or deleted the post and blog search engine
ranking may decrease. I am new blogger and do not know very much about the panda update and its impact on search engine. I was not aware that Google can delete the published post from search engine as well as how we can get back deleted post.
Suddenly, I searched my blog in search engine to know about the number of indexed post, I used the search tools ‘site:rajeshdeepakblog.blogspot.in’  and start to count. I was shocked to know that I was published 53 posts and Google webmasters is showing 41 indexed posts but number was not right in Google search engine. Some post was deleted as well as two was captured in structured data.

First of all, I discuss about the deleted post. When I searched the reason behind that I shocked to know that some post was blocked and flashed the reason “Error that only occurred when your site was crawled by Googlebot for Smartphone”. This was because my blog post was not 6 month old and I did not set my Smartphone option though Template of blogger. I think this option will available, if your blog will be 6 month old and you will entitle to submit your request for AdSense approval. Where you can set or adjust the option (this is my opinion. Till date my adsense request account has not been activated).

Another reason of this post deletion was, I deactivated the ‘mobile look’ option to show my ads directly to visitors as I see on desktop. These are the main reason to block or delete my post from search engine.

You can see the error generated for Smartphone on “Crawl Errors” option in your blogger dashboard. I would like to suggest the steps to resolve this issue and then I will focus on another error part.

Steps should be taken to get back deleted post in search engine.

1. Go to your dashboard of webmaster tools and select the option crawl error. Drag your cursor below part and click on the error URL, you will be get new window and where you can find the exact error and URL of your deleted post. You do not press the button to ‘Mark As Fixed’. Read the error and cancel the request there.

2. Go in your blog dashboard and click on your mobile template (if that is on desktop template option) and activate the Mobile option as you can see there “Yes, show mobile template on mobile devices”.

3.  Now come back to webmaster dashboard and click on ‘robots.txt tester’, place your blocked post URL in blank space and click on test option, if tool flash the ‘Allow’ or ‘Licensed’ then  immediate press the submit button, you will get new window, now press the submit button of third number (Ask Google To Update).

4. Again you come back to “Fetch as Google” and place your URL then press the Fetch button with your 10 limited options. (Selection of 10 limited option, because you are re-submitting your request with correction).  

Now you wait to get deleted post on search engine.

I would like to clear hear that if your post has been blocked due to micro blogging or title was micro niche then you add your snippet with your blog HTML content before re-submitting with Fetch option. I will share the snippet tips with another below discussion.   

I rectified the error to get back deleted post on search engine now I have come back to track another reason of deleted post on search engine as discussed above. My two posts were held in structured data option of webmaster tools and the basic reason was snippet or you can say that these posts have the micro niche title and Google searched the snippet or your full information like name, address, highlighter etc. Due to lack of awareness, I did not place the snippet with my blog post and they delete my post from search engine.

If you want to get back your deleted post with snippet on search engine, you should be careful and confirmed the Google about yourself and your business through snippet.

Now In first phase, you should click on your error URL of structured data. You will get another window same as discussed above and rectify error. Then check the URL in robot.txt option of webmasters dashboard. If they allow, release or submit your request. Again go to Fetch option and do as you read above.

You have to generate or place your snippet with your post before publishing or releasing from Fetch. That will help to get back deleted post. I have get back my deleted post after adapt the above process.

Snippet play vital role in micro nice blogging. As per Google new algorithm, you should always remember to place snippet with your blog post before publishing or releasing. You can generate your snippet thorough Google URL as given below.


How you can use the above URL to generate your snippet.

(Use To Generate Markup Through This Structured Data Markup Helper)

First select your website option as you want to chose or as per your blog content and mention your URL. Now press the start tagging. You get the new window of Tag Data. Make your Markup and create through “Create HTML” option. Paste the highlighted part in your page HTML and then release and update.

If your post is new then you will only publish your post after placing your created tag. But if you are working to rectify your structured data error then update your post with Markup tag code and “Fetch” your post. You can get back your deleted post on search engine.

You don’t think your block post instantly flash on search engine. It will take some time to show your deleted post on Google Search Engine.  

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