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How To Generate Quality Backlinks To Improve SE Ranking

Backlinks is a basic part of your blog to improve the ranking in Search Engine and enhance the quality traffic on your new or old site. It is necessary to take the precaution to generate the quality backlinks for your site. Recently Google launched Penguin update targeted to those blogs Backlinks, which was generated by paid ways or used the spammy sites.
So, don’t try to use unethical ways to build up Backlinks for your sites.

Always remember that a quality Backlinks boost your ranking in SERP’s and unethical panelized by Google updates. The main think that I want to say you “why we use wrong way to finish the whole effort”.

I would like to suggest some right way you to build up Backlinks and way “How you can get the Backlinks by using the Social Media”.
I would like to start here with share a story. Before making this blog, I started first blog with premium domain ‘.com’ and read somewhere that “If I get more and more Backlinks on my blog, traffic will come directly and I will not be worried in future to share post on social media to get huge traffic on blog” that means traffic will constantly hit on my blog but another problem created when I started to post my blog content with link on facebook site, not on my facebook page. Traffic generated but it could not be reflected on “Alexa Total Site Linking in” column or on blogger dashboard. That means my all effort was one time effort and that do not help or support to generate backlinks for my blog.

The right steps to generate the Backlinks for your site is that post your link or content on your page of social media and then share that publically or your friends. This process will certainly generate Backlinks and improve day by day. This process is tested by me on my blog. For example – I generated a page on rediffmail in “My Page” option and post my link by login on ‘My Page’, and then I linked g-mail account to share my post. After updating of on Alexa,  Backlinks reflected on Alexa.com.

Now I suggest the best way to build up Backlinks ethically.

First you build up internal links in your site. It is important and you should start from today. Just choose the keywords of your each blog post and linked with another post. This help to generate Backlinks and Reduce your bounce rate as well as customer will know more about your writing skill and will search in future to get the solution if relevant with your content. You are free to choose your keyword.

Avoid buying exact anchor text link and don’t use any tools to build up automatically Backlinks for your site. I said this because it will not help to improve your traffic and Google will panelize you by Google Panda update.

Smart blogger use these steps to uplift the ranking of blog in SERP’s. Submit Guest Post to other blog, use comment box of other site to pass the relevant comment with own blogs links, try to pass the comment on page of other blogger ‘whose page ranking is good’ like 1,2 etc, list your blog in forum and interact with the forum participants by your threads posting.

You should be given your presence on social media sites in proper way and consider about the bookmarking ethically, discussion of your post on forum dashboard is also very useful, Google plus community section is also a very good tools for Backlinks generation but post your content on your page then share with your colleagues and friends, yahoo question answer is a good resource for quality links generation because your question and participant answer publish on Google search engine index.

Another best way to get more and more links by submitting blog in top directories like anoj.org and bizzdirectory.com etc, Stumbleupon is a big resource also to get the US and Canada visitors and play the vital role to generate backlinks of international bloggers, blogger can use press release site and rss feed as well as rss directories also, blog post submission on document sharing site in PDF format as well as review of company product on company site with your post link is good to generate some quality Backlinks for blog support.

A high quality content and controversial content easily get visitors as well as effectively work on Google search also.  Another effective method writes unique post, and confirms that you are one of the people to write this content.

Some points are also relevant to uplift your blog Backlinks building performance. Like, blogger interview, css directory submission of your blog, write some finance based article in your niche, create your blog page in ‘Wiikipedia’, create long tutorial post as well as ebook for your readers.

So many ideas you can generate to improve backlinks percentage for your site. I have raised some points to help the new blogger.

I think the final conclusion come that you should interact with new bloggers or visitors and try to involve them with your activity and retain them as returning visitors by your unique and visitors choice writing skill. Some unique steps you can use like use the free coupon of news paper to advertise your blog, generate some unique template and sell by blog if you can, create channel on ‘You Tube’ for your blog and display the image or develop some unique videos to promote instantly your blog.

It is very difficult for new blogger to know about these tools and familiar with the above discussed tips, if they start blogging to improve self earning or want to drive online visibility. I would like to suggest them, start to read top blogger content and know about the process and processors “how to write blog” and “how to make it beneficial for you”. If your learning capacity is good then you collect good tips by reading. So, first they should judge, what time they spent to read more and more online material of top blogger or writer and start to make the unique and responsive site to publish the written content and then worried about the Backlinks generation.

I think, lot of knowledge is available online. It is only to track smartly and set your goal to generate effective and quality based Backlinks for your lovely blog. A responsive blog will help to generate lot of money and every site owner always eager to visit on your site for new blog post. These Backlinks Generator Tools For Blogger help to improve SERP.  

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  1. Quality Backlinks are really an important factor if we talking about off-page SEO. Thanks for sharing....