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How To Display Scrolling Text On Sites Through HTML

How to display scrolling text by using the HTML code is not a big question. HTML code is best in handle and everyone knows the implementation of code. If I suggest in written format that this HTML code should be place there and upload your site, I think you will not confuse to do it. I am discussing here like this because I know that my blog will be read
by new blogger and number of blogger do not aware about HTML and code placement. Today I would like to share that how a rolling sentence or you can say scrolling text can make and run on site.

Scrolling text help to run long and number of content in small space in your blog and your reader get the message after waiting some time with scrolling text. You can add your message in text and image format and display on your site instantly. This message attracts your visitors and indirectly helps to reduce the bounce rate also. I would like to suggest that scroll the message of your upcoming event or message that freeze your visitors some time on your site.    

If you want to display message on blog, only copy and paste the code on your site HTML box and the message will start running there. It is so easy. You have to only change the message part in the given HTML code before placement on your site.

First of all discuss about the Scrolling Text. Sometimes you might want your text or image to continuously “scroll” on the screen or zoom in from the side.

You have to write your message between the <marquee></marquee>. That message will scrolls on the page of your pre-defined page.

[   <!-- Codes by HTML.am --><marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left">YOUR MESSAGE WILL TYPE HERE</marquee>  ]

Now you have to place your message to delete the RED text and copy the code as given in above bracket and paste in any where HTML box. Save it and re-upload your site. Message will display.

The above process is fro scrolling the text only.

The next part I is Scrolling Image. Same process you will adapt here. You will only place your HTML image code in between the <marquee></marquee> tags. And your image will be run instantly on your site page.

[   <!-- Codes by HTML.am --><marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"><img src="http://www.html.am/images/html-codes/marquees/rajesh-blogging.gif" width="94" height="88" alt="rajesh blogging" /></marquee>  ]

Just place your site image URL and display. I would like to suggest that you should be careful to display marquees in HTML on your website. Many web user dislike the scrolling text. Try on your site and get feedback.

I think that this post will be unique for new bloggers and they will enjoy using this HTML code to run the scrolling text on site. Give your feedback to improve the post content. 
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