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Google Can Change Cost Per Click Formula For Blogger

Google Cost Per Click formula is hitting the blogger income. As every reader knows very well that Google AdSense program is best to earn money online. Its CPC (Cost Per Click) rate is good in terms of other company rate. Google is not functioning only in revenue sharing program, its several other resources
are working to impact on the growth of the company. US wall street always hungry to know about the next act or steps of the company. Recently it comes in news that Google income from CPC reduced from previous years report. Google always try to beat the new thinks of market and develop the new product to sustain. Just you can back, Google engineers make the Drone to deliver the product on the spot correctly by air and team get the success.  

Now I come back on the main issue. As news flashed that internet giant showed the ultra profitable business in search advertising impacted and was starting to slow.  Google has become a more successful player in the advertising world and its search engine popularity and dominance knows the all desktop and mobile users today. The impact on revenue generation on this year was not affected due to business supported by ‘You Tube’ and ‘Google Play Store’. These are the fastest growing platform today for Google.  
Google paid click on advertisements has increased by 17 percent in third quarter from last year report and 25 percent in second quarter. This jump is reducing the worries of Google investors.

The main concerned about CPC (cost per click). Analytics shows that the Cost-Per-Click measurement has reduced. If we talk on the present scenario the trend has been changed in world. People are searching everything on mobile, and desktop is not very familiar for them. This is the main reason of worries. People are spending more time on Mobile Phone and due small screen size of mobile,it is very difficult to place ads on.

That impacted the third quarter result of cost-per-click and again fell down 2 percent year over year and completely flat from the second quarter of report. If we go some time back, Google warn the AdSense users to make the blog convenient for mobile users.

Google team knows that Mobile advertising is still pretty new and the 11 percent of ad spending in US. Google approached the Advertiser to get the ads Mobile friendly. Google has continuously grown the business despite all these problems and increased its revenue 20 percent. Google also focused on other resources to generate more revenue and Google Play increased 50 percent from the same quarter.

As discussed above Google forced advertiser to think or consider about the mobile by having them bid on ads.

So, in coming days cost-per-click ad may be change in other texture and color for Google customers and it will be very interesting to see, what the next step Google will take to resolve the problem of Cost Per Click formula and how much that impacted the blogger income by Mobile users or damage the CPC formula.

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