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Add More Followers By LinkedIn Profile Generation Page

Blogger can add decent followers to improve traffic on site by generate the profile page on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a large network to attract more and more people. There are no limits of followers. Blogger should always try to update the profile on LinkedIn to add lot of people with site. Millions of professionals of different industries are available
with profile. LinkedIn is a sea, there are number of high leads are swimming and you have to re-direct the leads on your site.

I would like to share some tips to build up the link with LinkedIn for your blog.
Start to establish your profile on LinkedIn and make there an executive bio. Describe you all details like experience and education qualification as a professional. Convey your message about your goal and professional experience there with relevant job title.

I suggested making your bio there because the main objectives to attract the possible potential new business and concept with opportunities for you as well as, May some people want joint venture with you. So, placement of your profile will at least help to increase decent traffic on blog. LinkedIn provide you an opportunity to link your site with ‘more’ and ‘edit’ option for setting of blog.

Next to use the company page of LinkedIn. Add your profile there as a leader of the company and place your blog logo to make the page more professional. Now add your web there and smartly design the page with your blog URL to directly link your site.

Other steps make you more social with LinkedIn people. You should create the group and participate with action. The main reason is to activate the group people and generate leads for your blog as well as helps to increase the numbers of people in new joining. This is a social network, so my suggestion is to interact with people with your ideas and question answer session. Make your group more attractive to attract people in your group.

If your website post is based on some product and you want to sell it, you can get more reliable and authentic buyers on LinkedIn. So, many company representative profiles will be there and you have only made them comfortable by your product review and realize them that your product is durable and compete with market scenario. Group of people also be a good buyer for product. So, increase your sale and income by this platform. If you did not sale your products in group then don’t break the relation, try to get referral from existing group member. Don’t think that particular group member is not beneficial for you. Definitely you can sale the product by time to time knocking approach.     

LinkedIn is a place like you can use it for forum or as a market research tool and evaluate your target audience to sale your product or convey the message of your blog instantly in large scale.

Today is the day of ecommerce website. Everything is selling on site like Amazon, Snapdeal etc. and every seller want platform to sell the product. You can get be benefited to use your LinkedIn group to grow the business.

This is advantage of online line business that seller can sell product in all world via media approach and offline business restricts to sell. If your business is B2B then LinkedIn is gold mine for you.

So, lastly approach LinkedIn and get right people there for blog followers and improve traffic also. 

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  1. Thanks! its a great article, i am going to use some of tips & see the results.