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5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives To Generate Money

It is very difficult to choose the alternative of Google Adsense, because so many advertising agencies is functioning online today and publisher could not be able to track the best for his blog. I was also very confused to choose the alternative of AdSense for my blog. You will ask “why I have not applied for
AdSense”. I would like to clear that my blog is only three months old, so I cannot get approval before completion of 6 months tenure.

Meanwhile I have read so many articles and find out the best for the blogger. May be some advertising agency demand good number of visitors on your site, but the best is best and I suggest you to fulfill the all criteria and improve traffic as agency demanded and apply with your confidence.

Number of blogger can say that my site traffic is not up to the mark and suggest some ad agency for low traffic site. But I suggest you to improve traffic by reading top blogger article and utilize suggested tips and when you get good organic traffic then apply top ad agency for ads.

Now i have selected five best AdSense alternative for your blog.
1. Infolinks :- Infolinks was founded in 2007 and run with the goal to deliver greater revenue to publishers and higher level performance for advertisers. I am with infolinks from last two months on my site and its performance is good. It certainly helps to make money online, if click comes from visitors on ads. Infolinks provide ad product in four categories like InFrame, InFold, InTag and InText. Its approval process is very easy. You can add more than one site after getting the first approval. You will be only informing through mail to support team. You can receive payment through PayPal, Bakwire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH or Payoneer. Minimum payment threshold is $50 or $100 (100 if you choose bank wire or western union transfer). 

My personal suggestion is for you that this is best and you can try it.

2. Adversal:- This is very good advertising agency as I gotten the feedback. Its criteria are tough on traffic points. You can apply if you have traffic of 50000 page views per month. But i have read a blogger comment that his blog was run with the monthly traffic of 20000 page views and Adversal approved his request and he earned good money. So, don’t panics, if your site has traffic near the set criteria, then apply? The minimum payment is $20 and payment is made 35 days after the end of the month. You can earn 10% commission on your earning of referred publishers. Three options are available to get the payment like Check, PayPal, or Bank Wire. If you opt. Bank wire to get the payment then minimum balance should be $250 USD.

3. Superlinks – Superlinks is also a good alternative to monetize your blog. You do not miss the AdSense, if you opt. the superlinks for your blog. You can get Display, Tower and Footer ads to monetize your blog and help to generate more money online. The minimum payout is $100 and you can get your earned money though PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer option. The most important points are that your blog should have minimum monthly traffic of 100000 Per Month.

4. Media.net – The Yahoo! Bing network contextual Ads program enables web publishers to easily earn money through advertising revenue. Media.net is good resource to you earn more and more money. It is also a best alternative in terms of contextual ad network by Yahoo! If you have quality traffic and blog then you can get the approval. You can get payment if you cross minimum thresholds of $100 and payment are made via wire transfer or PayPal as you choose.

5. Viglink:- Viglink is a perfect for the blog, which are running to sale the product of online marketing company like Amazon. Viglink optimize your retail links automatically and change existing links to more lucrative for retailers and improve the purpose of blog. VigLink cover more than 90% of the top online retailers with affiliate programs. It is best ad provider network for affiliate program.

Now it is upon you which advertising agency will work best on your blog. 

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