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Twitter Tweets: How Many Impressions Did You Get

Did you think on your tweets? .How many persons read your smart and wondered tweets. It was difficult to find out the exact number of readers, who read your tweets. If you get the exact data of your readers then it will help to correct your direction as well as improve your tweets content instantly. Every tweet are important for publishers, they spent their precious time to write a smart and impressive tweets on their account and if nobody entertain the tweet, then that will be not encouraged to account holder to write more and more tweet.
Recently twitter announced that its rolling out Twitter analytics dashboard for account holder. That helps to detect the visitors flow and everything. Dashboard sees the exact picture, how many people viewed your tweets and re-tweets on that. The demographic breakdown will also indicate the percentage of female and male followers as well as location and interest.

This facility was previously available for only verified users but presently it is for all new and old account holders.

When you open an account through below link -

A login Id will demand by the system, now you put your login id and password to open your dashboard and you see that a new window will open like Tweet Activity. Here you can see, how much impression you earned over the last 28 days. You can use the option to find out the Tweets, Tweets and replies, promoted, engagements; link clicks, re-tweets, favorites, and replies in terms of percentage. A custom date’s option is also available to track past record date wise. 

(When you login through mail id and password,this window will be appeared.) 

This facility will help to advertisers also to know that how many people are interested with his brands online and what is the interest level. Recently pinterest has also launched an analytics dashboard to know about the activities of fans and the engagement percentage also. The link of pinterest is given below to use the followers of this site.

In the analytics of twitter a Twitter Cards option is available to the account holder to measure about the URL clicks that also help to keep track of every click. It is a good product. Now lets enjoy with dashboard of Twitter and update self.

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