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Qadabra – Best Ad Serving Platform & Alternative Of AdSense.

I want to say something about Quadabra.com . I don’t know about this platform, I was continued to display, only Chitika & Infolinks ad  on my blog. My site age has not crossed the minimum period to submit my application for AdSense, therefore the Earning Key or AdSense request submission key was not functioning or it was closed till completion of minimum locking period (for Six Month). But I am very much eager to display the Ads like Google AdSense. Then I started to search the platform,
which provide me rich media ad for my blog. Another thing behind this search, that I was afraid about the disapproval pattern of Google. I think that if I wait for six month and then Google reject my request, then what I will do at that time, so it is better to ready with weapons, if that will fail then I will continue with another. It is not mean that I will drop the Qadabra. I will take the decision on performance and support.

I would like to share another thing that the traffic on my blog is less than 500 hundred, so I want to take minimum payment to motivate myself as well as approval on my low traffic site.

My search was over and I was with Qadabra.  
I would like share the minimum criteria as required to start the ad and payment.

  • They have not any rigid guidelines, no minimum impression volume and no waiting to go live. They assure that you can start to see add after 15 second of sign up. This is the eCPM based algorithm.
  • They provide the performance based ads and ensure the best competitive rates.
  • They are accessing the worldwide advertisers and they did not left any country. As I see in the displayed Ad, some Ad belongs to Indian market, so that will help to Indian blogger to improve the conversion percentage drastically.
  • They did not set the criteria for minimum impression volume & they only suggested to improving the impression and traffic to get more and more money through Ads. I think it will support to new bloggers, whose blog is new and run with low traffic. They can learn to improve the traffic ethically on site and presence of Ad will put the great impact on visitors.
  • I am not very sure but I think that it is the only platform, which will release your payment if you earn $1 minimum. You can choose the option for payment.
1.  PayPal $1
2. Payoneer Prepaid Card $20
3. Wire Transfer $500

Your earning will be automatically processed every month on NET 45 terms and only you have to opt. your payment option. I think PayPay will be right to get the payment.

  • It is very easy to activate the Ad on your site through just copy & paste process. You have only copy the code and paste on your blog HTML block and click save button.
I have explained the criteria or you can say liberty as provided by Qadabra.com

(There are three steps to complete the process to display ads on blog).

Now you can start to Sign Up the Qadabra.com and fill up the minimum requirement as they demand and start to get the code as your want.

One part is very important to say you, when you start to Sign Up process and enter for next processors, a pop-up will come up with option to choose your ad from Art, Cloth etc categories. I was not seen before as this. So, many variety was there to opt. you add.  

Now let’s start with Qadabra.com and enjoy blogging. 

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  1. Hey Rajesh! Its Yana here from Qadabra :) I'm very happy that you found it easy to sign up with Qadabra so you can already start earning from your site. Like you said, Qadabra is the only platform in the market that releases your payment after you make your first $1, no need to wait. You have a great blog! Feel free to check out our blog at Qadabra so you can stay posted on our tips on how to increase traffic and engagement for your site. Happy earnings!