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Pinterest Platform: Helps Blogger To Promote Product & Marekting.

Pinterest, obliviously everyone knows about that but I was new to use this. Recently I have started blogging one month back and not a single blogger can leave this platform to promote his blog, Pinterest have a good platform to penetrate a large numbers of US and overseas clients. It is a place to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by your followers. You can create your profile and select the image from your blog or computer to pin here. This platform attracts the people by image and description as you chose and
define there. You can say that it is a visual bookmark with short definition. It’s provided a dashboard with analytics to place your blog image as well as to observe the visitors likes and interest.

When I started my blog I was in suspicion that, can I submit the picture or not, because I read in numbers of articles that a long article is important with rich content and less picture. If at that time I follow this rule, today I generate new picture as per my blog content and then upload in my pinterest but today I reduced my work load. So, I suggest to new bloggers that don’t think that photo is not important. I would like to share that picture should be relevant with your blog content and select maximum two only. Other advantage to add the picture is that your entire unique picture saves in Google image and that also helps to increase the traffic on your blog, because image contains the blog address or URL and if anybody move cursor on that they reflect the URL of your blog in below of image.
As I think that you can get the help of this platform to move a continue traffic on your blog on daily basis, if you write continuously. It is a big tool to reach your connectivity to USA/Canada people and you use it for your affiliate marketing as well as blog promotion to earn money. I explain here with example. If you get the special tracing code from amazon.com for affiliate marketing and want to sale a camera, you will only write a post and explain the features as well as add the image with your post. Now you go to your pinterest dashboard and drag picture and write a short and effective description of your product and pin that. Your promotion is start now and your followers will come at your blog to read the complete articles and to know about the complete features, if they have needed to purchase a camera. Now selling will depends on your product description, how you describe and convince your client through your written content. If they convince and trust on your description part then definitely they use your affiliate link to purchase your recommended product. So, don’t underestimate the picture of your blog.

(Here you can see that i have make category wise board like tech, movie)

Now I would like to discuss you, how we pin our blog picture in our Pinterest. First of all you open your account through Facebook or Google Plus, if you have. Then fill up the details as they demanded. Create your dashboard and then create your separate dashboard like Technology, Computer etc. as your interest. Again you click on the particular dashboard to enter in it to pin the Technology content page. A new window will open to fill the description of picture with where you want to pin it. You can drag the picture through URL and press the pin it button to place it with specified board like technology etc. You pined picture is ready to share on any platform.

So, many other facilities will come during this session, you can learn and use as you want to promote your blog.

Finally I want to say that explore your blog on this platform and increase your visitors’ base continuously. 

You are free to ask any question regarding any issue of Pinterest. 

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