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Link Building Strategies For New Site: A Guidelines.

A good number of backlinks is a backbone of a site and every site owner smile, if they get more and more backlinks. A quality backlinks helps to achieve the high search engine ranking but bad put the negative impact on your site. Here I would share the knowledge, how link building is effective for search engine optimization as well as how you can differentiate the bad and good backlinks. If you know about the basic concept and good and bad part of backlinks then you can move in right direction to get
more supportive or positive backlinks for your site. So, many factors are hidden to increase or decrease your search engine rankings through backlinks.

First of all your backlinks should be relevant to the content of your site and follow the same category. It is necessary that your link page should be indexed in Google and page contain the rank in Google. You can put another effort to generate the backlinks to submit your link in forums and participate in discussion. Forum is a good alternative or part to assist you to get more and more quality backlinks for your site. So, start today to register yourself with a good forum and share your views and discuss the issues there. Try to submit your link with your content to improve or get the backlinks.
You should also submit your site in directory. It is difficult to submit the site in some directories like Dmoz etc., because they have some criteria for site submission. So, search on internet and find out some directories and start the site submission there. It is a good resource to get numbers of backlinks to your site. Articles posting is also help to you in this venture. You post your comments and suggestions to other site with your site link to improve the numbers of backlinks. I would like to say here that patience is very important in this processor, because it is not a one day process, you will continue monitor and try to find out the resources to get backlinks.  

A category play vital role to submit your site in any directories. Some points should be following during site submission. You write an article relevant in content to your site and then submit the article to high quality directories. A relevant category will be very help full to search engine and improve the possibilities of acceptance in directory. So, be careful during writing an article for directory submission.

A blog site is a site, which can receive tons of traffic and easiest to get number of backlinks.

Now I am sharing a very important point. Avoid posting your comments on that site, which home page has zero page rank that will not help you to improve your search engine ranking and backlinks. Avoid webpage, which content is matching with another page and only URL be changed as well as avoid to post on ‘no follow’ or ‘no index’ pages. You should also avoid the question mark pages because as you know it will not indexed by Google, so you cannot expect to get backlinks there. Those pages which acquire only banners ad, open very slow and run with purchase backlinks should be avoided.

These are the points. If you follow these guidelines to get quality backlinks for your site then that will help to improve your recognition and support.  

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