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Increase Earning Through Ad Placement: Below Post Headlines.

Today I would like to discuss about that ‘how we can place the ad on the top of your post or below headlines’. I know that it is not very tough for bloggers to place the ad but beginners try to resolve this issue only through Google search. So, it’s our responsibility that the search did not go in vain. 

When I started blogging and got the approval from chitika and read about the right ad placement article, they guide me how to place your ad at right place to attract the visitors but I did not get answer ‘How’. Now I started to search the answer from Google and got some clue from there. Still I was in dilemma. Now I opened my dashboard and go for template option and click that and start searching the AdSense code placement place, but I could not be traced out. After some time again I tried and tracked the place. This was important because the main key (your ad) should be placed there, may be you tracked directly on your site Edit part, because so many thinks vary from site to site. So, don’t think that this is the only right way to place the ad on site. You should apply your sense for your site. This is only guidelines to help or support to you to resolve the issue.
I described here those points, which I faced during placement of my ads.

First open your Blogger dashboard and click on template option, you will get a new window. Now click on Edit HTML button, your edit part will be open.

      (After placing your ads, In this way that will reflect on your site)

You search the below written message. (This will only help you to track the place). If you face the problem to trace the message you use Ctrl+F.

Track it.

<!-- start adsense content top -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
</b:if><!-- end adsense content top -->

Now you are ready to go for next step. You will track the blow given script to place your ads. The script is-


Use the Ctrl+F to find out the script. Your 90% work has been completed and now you generate your AdSense code and convert it.

Use this URL for AdSense conversion.

URL - Link Converter  

Copy your converted code and paste before the script “<data:post.body/> “ & press save button. Now open your site and enjoy to see the ads as  you wish.

My personal opinion about the ad placement is “Only place your ad, which could not be irritate your viewers”. 

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