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How To Display Your Ads Below Your Blog Heading.

A small size space of your site helps you to enhance your profit. It’s depended on your capability to utilize the space for your ad or left blank. All bloggers know that it is not very difficult to place the Ad, if your site avail the HTML facility. It is only a copy paste process. But you think that you do not know very much for Ad placement as well as you are new or beginner and you get the approval to display the company Ad on your blog and the blog size is more than the prescribed Ads display box then what you will do ?. .The basic problems will start from here.

I would like to share my problem. This not a story only, I faced the problem to place Ad on my blog and I short out this. 

When started to search the template for my blog. I chose the blogger template. I was not very aware about the AdSense, but knew little bit from social media that I can earn some money, if I get the approval to display the Ad on my site.

That motivation help me at the time of selecting the template, I chose the template, which was showing pre-defined space to display Ad.
Recently I got the approval from Chitika and my problem started during place the Referral code on the top of my blog space. The pre-defined place can only adjust the Ad of 468 X 60 and my Ad was big then that. When I place my Ad there, some part goes outside of my blog.

Finally I decided to resolve this issue because if I compromise and search the other place for Ad then problem sort-out at that time but I can’t resolve the issue in future, if again it rises.

If you face this type of issue you don’t place your Ad in HTML box. Start to search the root of the blog, where you can place your Ad finally and they display without any disturbance.

You open your blog dashboard and then chose template option. Press the Edit HTML code; you will be got a window to edit your template. Now the challenging part is to search the place, which displays the all content of header part of your blog. It is not very difficult; I will give you clue to search that, first open the “Jump to Widget” option and click on Header 1 or Header.  Now search the place ‘No header Image’, if you site have the image display option with your heading. This place will be available otherwise you will be searched the place in header part, where the site heading description is end. I have shown with screen shot.

     (Define Everything Here To Get The Help By Beginners)

After placing your ad there you save your template and go to your site and press F5 to refresh and see where your ad is displaying. You can alien your place just small change on your ‘edit html’.

          (You Get The Changes After Implimentation Of Every Process)
Now your task is complete and your ad is ready to get more and more income or referral clicks.

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