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Google Encourage People To Upgrade Their Old Browser.

Many people reported in group discussion of Google forum that they are seeing the old version of the Google. Someone has trapped the old image of Google also, when they used the browsers.

Basically this problem has most affected the Safari 5.1 and Opera 12 users. In groups, so many users has discussed on this issue.
They were very annoyed and posted like “Google is forcing tons of people to use an inferior version of their product!! How is this good business move…?”  The concern people also marked in mail that ‘he wants an answer from a Google employee’.

Several remarks were update on Google message plot. An other user has expressed his view like that Google do not want to support that website, which run on older browsers and it is not fair.

Google has posted a message to forum and encourage the people or users to upgrade their browser, but users could not be corrected the search homepage, after clearing cookies and other things.
After the great and heavy discussion in group, a Google engineer joined the discussion and said that this is not the change came from bug and expressed that they are trying to resolve the issue and is improving the search result on outdated browsers. She also writes on the desk of group discussion that “he just upgrade because he couldn’t get much work done at office with Google search acting up”. She provides a link to upgrade the browsers version.

Finally they short out the issue and upgrade the browsers. I have also seen the changes in last two days in Google image. So, many new images has been appeared in image part of Google and tried to reduce the customer base. I would like to share one thing here that so, many client want to resolve the issue to put his angriness to change the search engine and want to use Bing.com instead of Google search.

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