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Google Acquires Polar Vote Tracking Service For Google+, Add App With Site.

Google+ will be lashed with Polar to heat up its social network. Polar will help to track the opinion on Google Plus. The team is working to make the Google plus user friendly for mobile users. Team will observe the polar on plus and its opinion tracking service. Observer team get the feedback and know about the experience of Google +. Polar started with an idea of voting and internet users will vote on a
polar poll and express his opinion and that will analyze. That means polar work to collect the opinion of net users.

Polar was started or founded by Luke Wroblewski and Jeff Cole approximately two year back. As statement give by the founder member ‘Wroblewski’ that polar worked on half a billion polls in last eight months with 1.1 million active voters till September.
Everyone, who are running site may be participate in polar poll. If you want to vote on polar poll, it is very simple process, just downloaded app or if you have a site add the embedded code of polar poll with your site only. Founder member ‘Wroblewski’ writes he will be grateful to get the knowledge from your voting.

How & where you can get the code.

Now I like to share the knowledge of Polar. How you can join the polar.

As I mentioned in above new news article that what is polar. Now you aware that polar is devise you can poll on it. You can join it and paste the embedded code on your site landing page. It’s an instrument, which provide the latest gadget or upcoming game and collect the opinion and grow the engagement easy of your visitors and that help to improve the returning percentage of visitors on your blog. Any visitors can give the instant opinion on anything through polar.

Now you go to the site http://www.polarb.com and sign in it.

If you want to add polar at your site go through this URL – http://www.polarb.com/features/categories

Now drag your cursor at lower level of the site and press the red icon (Add Polar To Your Site). You can get the embedded code there and past it in your site HTML box and enjoy it. 

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