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Get Traffic On Site By Keywords Placement With Title Tag.

Low traffic on site has always pressurized the site owner to get traffic instantly. They always think and think about the remedy of low traffic.  They want to get traffic instantly without knowledge of keyword placement and title tag implementation.  As I think they focus on all the tools instead of genuine. I was also used the tools on my previous site to increase the traffic and got the result in terms of AdSense disapproval. Google mark the quotation in mail “Try to get Organic Traffic”. That means, I was able to
deliver or get the traffic only from social media and did not give any attention on move forward to get the traffic from search engine. I do not know about the keyword placement as well as tools to use with title tag and keywords.

I am not denying importance of social media. But we should be deriving the attentions on organic traffic also. I am sharing with you that just I felt and learn from rejection. 

Now I will share about the points below “how we can get traffic and how keywords can more valuable for our site”, as well as how right placement of keyword will help to get traffic.  I am not very technical skilled person, but learned about the tools from top blogger post and implement on my site and Google AdSense rejection has added one more technical knowledge.
Numbers of blogger has written on the low traffic factor and provide the tricks to get the remedy. I would like to share my view here that I feel.

It is very important to us to follow some rules during writing the post and at the time of publishing.

First of all, you know that content is important part of post. Your unique content saves you from Google Panda and others. Now the second part you will be very careful, when you place the keywords with title tag of post. Follow these points to write the title tag to get the traffic improvement.

Important For Title Tag -

1. Title tag should contain the Keywords and phrases as per your content of site or post. Relevancy with post content should be minimum 90%.

2. Title of post should not be more than 60 characters. (Consider your given space also).

3. Title should be containing with appealing words to attract the reader. (This will help to increase the traffic on site).

4. Title keywords should be reflecting in the upper and lower part of your post. You may place the keywords in middle part also.

5. Don’t use so many keywords in post content. Otherwise your content may be spamming by search engine.

6. Use phrase with your title. That will be as a prefix.

7. Title should be smaller than the description.

Important Points For Description -

Now I would like to share some points to write your description. That description with keyword will support to get the traffic.

1. Use maximum 150 or less than 160 characters for description as well as that should be relevant with post content. Long character may push your ranking low.

2. Use keywords with your description as you placed in your post title and not use I, Me etc. Your keywords should be following your sentence that means use as prefix.

3. Description should be different from title of post.

Important Points For Keywords –

Keyword plays a vital role. Search engine follow the keywords after following the title. So be careful to place the keywords.

1.  I suggest you to use maximum 250 characters for tag. If your blog is on blogger, then site will restrict to place tag more than 200 character. So, you are safe there.

2.  Your keyword should be based on the content and focus upon the site.

3.  Use the top 5 keywords of title and place in your HTML page. That should be placed to see by public.

These are some factors, which can help to improve to get traffic on your site and will make easy to earn money. Only you have to care the all the above rules should be follow for keywords placement with title tag and try to avoid any deviation. Don’t think about the instant result after following the above points. 

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