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Earn Money Online: Get Approval For Ads

You can start to earn money through Chitika online advertising network. You easily use the tools and start your income. They provide the ads, based on the content of your blog and reflect as received information from your site.

I have applied to get the approval from Chitika ads for my site, just I sign up it and get the approval message instantly and start the process to link the ads on my site.  

I was not aware that the approval process is so fast. I would like to share that I was applied in Media.net (Yahoo), and received a message to wait for two week to check my site. I was waiting for positive response from other side, but they denied my request and informed me in time frame as they decided. They mailed me to get the traffic more than 1000 visitors daily on your site and then we will consider for approval. Instantly, I decided to apply for chitika ads and result was very positive.

Chitika has provided me rights to display contextual ads on site.  I would like to say that they are using smart ads technology to his publishers and support system is supportive and available on mail and Phone. I am very impress about the service and product. I was fade up from rejection of Media.net.
Chitika network described the topics in its support page for new joinee.

If you are using Ad sense code on your blog you may display Chitika contextual ad also. Chitika is providing two payment options for publishers. First you can use Pay Pal and another is cheque facilities. The minimum payout, you can withdraw from Pay Pal is $10.00 and $50.00 will applicable if you opt. to get the payment from cheque. They pay the amount on a ‘net 30’ schedule.

            (ADD Will Display On Your Site Like This, After Getting The Approval)

Adding the code process is very easy, who are using Blogger, Wordpress and Tumbler. Read the instruction to generate the code and paste on your site and add will be functioned instantly. “Tips of Beginners Series” topic guide you to place add on blog to generate more and more money for you. A option is very attractive to customize your add change the text color. Their referral programs add more revenue in your monthly income. Your dashboard and report system will intimate about the value and impression of content of visitors on daily basis.

You can get the tips of expert for ad placement as well as generated more money though your unique content and ads. If your blog content get the traffic from USA/UK, Canada, that will help to improve you’re earning.
I think its features are as lucrative as Media.net and AdSense. The basic points are your traffic. More traffic generates more money.

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