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Apple iPhone 6 Review: Crowed And Long Line To Get.

Fans of iPhone 6 are camping continually from world to get the iPhone 6. Apple is selling its phone in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. As news received from sources, the iPhone 6 will be first sold by company in Germany, France, Japan, UK (United Kingdom) and Canada too. A great impact has been putting by this phone on these countries. Several followers and iPhone lovers are on road and queue. They want to purchase this phone and want the update of its features. Numbers of peoples are waiting in Central London Apple store for his chance.

They pass time and wait outside there and discuss about the gadget on September 17.

Apple did not release this phone in some countries. Same crowed are camped in Australian Apple store. So, many fans are there from all over the world for iPhone 6 with new status symbols – the 6 plus and iPhone 6. These crowed reflect the interest level of followers and fans. How much they are taking the interest in Apple iPhone 6.
News source has given the ideas that near about 500 peoples are waiting for his chance at outside of New York City, 5th Avenue, store to purchase the Apple iPhone 6. Most of the persons are approaching for reselling and want to take for overseas.

As everybody knows that Apple would not sell its new product in some countries like India, China, Rassia, and Italy because out of loop, So, if any person of these countries want to purchase or avail the facilities of Apple iPhone, they will approach the above countries and will land there by plane to get this Apple phone.

I would like to describe some features of both the phone as zest.  

iPhone 6 : 4.7 – inch ,1334 X 750 display.

Phones are available in Gold, Silver and Space Gray with 16, 64 and 128 GB capacities.

The Price of phone starts from $199.

iPhone 6 Plus: 5.5 – inch, 1920 X 1080 display.

The price of iPhone 6 Plus starts from $299.

The design of chip is same in both the model and that is 64-bit-A8.

The major factors, which differentiate it are – Optical image Stabilization for the camera and longer battery life as well as iPad-Style landscape mode. That helps to display more and more content on the phone screen. 

I would like to plus here the other features of both the phones to have the WiFi Calling support and voice over LTE as well as faster 802.11ac WiFi.

Overall these are the least feature, just I explained here for you. These iPhones are lashed with lot of encouraging features that helps you on several steps.

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