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Apple Investigate iCloud Security Service: On Photo Leak.

Apple said about the investigation reports that vulnerabilities in iCloud hack the celebrities account with nude photo as well as videos. It is coming in media report that hacking will be possible through individual accounts on iCloud.

Apple spokeswoman has given a statement on privacy. She told that they are very seriously investigating the report and again she assured that they are conscious on user privacy.

As main thing is that GitHub a code sharing site and user discovered a bug and they use Apple’s iPhone service for that. Generally, this is use to locate the missing phone.
Another part, this bug allows the user to disable the phone remotely, if phone miss out or stole by any persons. Bug also allows to try and try the password until they cannot identify the right person. Maximum online services lock the system, if wrong or multiple passwords used by any one.
Apple’s spokesperson Mr. Mogull also said that may be hackers broken the accounts of the celebrities to use his account and he shocked to know that Apple itself was hacked.

The name comes in hacking victims are Actress Jennifer, Model Kate and Mary E. Winsted. They said that hacker track those photos, which she had deleted.

All persons are shocked to read the article and could not believe such type of hacking is working and a renowned company mobile will hacked by the individual account holder of the company. It is very necessary to the company to develop a technology to save the privacy of the persons and they could not be lost privacy in all conditions.

Sourced By- The wall street journal.

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