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6 Awesome Google Tools: Flight: Atari: nGrams: Sky.

Google is always produced something new for its viewers. But I would like to share so many free and easy search giants, which are very cool and interesting tools for internet users. Google always try to provide the technology based giants to its user in free and you will only spend time not money to get many tricks and product easily. These technologies will make your mind fresh and your life will be easier.  

Now I would like to share some technology here for you. You enjoy and share with your friends.
Google Flight Search Tools.

Do you want to know or find out the best price on a flight through this giant?  Here Google provide the easiest technology to provide the price comparison on this sites and the site is Google Flight Search. Only you have to pick the start and destination points to know about the price with date for lowest price tickets and use the filter option to know about the flight length, price, stops etc. After getting the details of flight you can easily or directly book on airline’s site. Just take the initiative and use these tools for you.

Google Public Data Explorer Tools.
Google search site is easy and very much informative to internet users but do you know Google work in specialized way to search your result in details. Several internet users do not know about this. I would like to ask you, can you get the details of your search like – search in graphic way with gender, age, state details etc during use the searching tools of Google. Here you can use the Google Public Data tools to know more about your search. Once time you use these tools and find out the difference between Google Public and general search engine.

Atari Breakout Tools.

If you are working from long time and want to something different at that time as well as do not want to leave your place. You can use the tools Atari Breakout tools to play the computer game in free. You will not be worked so much to start the game. Simply you go to the Google Image Search page through www. google.com/images and write on search “Atari Breakout” and wait to start the game. This play game is present in Classic version.

Google Translations Tools.

Every user know that Google have the tools to translate the language. But do you know that Google have the tools to instantly change your word from your language to another. Like if you put the word “translate orange to Spanish”, in less than a second it will be translated by tools. This tool is Google Translate.

Google nGrams Tools.

Can you find out any where that, a particular word is how many times used between 1800 and present. I think it will be very difficult for anyone. But you can know to use the tools of Google Google nGrams. You also find out that how much the word was popular in past and present. You search several words in one shot to use the commas between them.

   (Picture Define The Earth Tools Description)

Google Sky Tools.

It is very decent tools for those users, if they are interested in Akash Ganga or know about the planet and as well as have interest in Moon. You can see the stars, planets and galaxies of sky through this tool. All are taken from telescopes and satellites. The name of tools is Google Sky.

Basically we do not know how many tips are with Google. So many tips are good for us to know more about anything but we do not know the tools implementation or functions. Google is an Akash Ganga of tools and knowledge. May be these tools are not very relevant for some users but may be for some one.

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