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What The Limits Blogger Accounts Will Hold.

Google has provided a lot of room for blogger to use it free, because Google want to promote the blogging as well as want to provide the platform for new blogger. In the context of blogging, Google is providing the facilities with limits. But provided facilities are enough and a blogger can put the effort to improve him and earn profit to use the platform.  

I am sharing as I read in Google site, about the ‘ Limits On Blogger’ point wise.I think this help you to know about your limits of blogging, if you use Blogger.com.
Here is concrete information about What A Single Blogger Account Will Hold’.

Number Of Blogs: Your limit to have up to 100 blogs per account.

Limit Of Number Of Post: You can post unlimited posts on one blog. All blog will be saved on your account (if you are not deleted them manually).

Size Limit: Size limit is not a problem for individual post, if your post does not have large content.

Page Limit: Main page or archive page size of your blog will be 1 MB. This will not create any problem if you are listing less than hundreds of post on the front page of your blog. When your blog, cross the limit the error will see “006 Please Contact Blogger Support”.

                                          (006 Error Showing, Exceed The Post)

You can short out this problem to change the number of posts displayed on your blog. I have explained here with picture.

First of all go to your blog dashboard and open the Layout tab and click “Edit” on your blog post widget. The screen will be like this…..

                                                   (Press Red Tab To Edit)

A new window will be opened to change the “Number of post on main page of your blog”.

Like screen shot….

                               (Change Manually The Number In Main Page) 

Now  you can reduce or enhance the number of displayed page on main page of blog. You put the courser at column on option “Number Of Posts On Main Page” and change manually and save the arrangement.

So, your problem will be resolve here. Now I continue our another points of ‘ Limits On Blogging’.

Number Of Comments: If you are receiving number of comments against your post, all comments will be saved on your accounts and that will also impact your limit.

Pictures Limit: You can use 1 GB storage capacity with Picasa Web.

Size Of Pictures: Your limit to post your pictures through Blogger Mobile is only 250K for single picture.

As well as your team member, number of labels, blog description, about me profile information will be 100 member per blog, 2000 unique labels per blog, 500 characters for description, 1200 characters for about me respectively.

If you use this limit smartly, you will not face any problem. You are free to send your comments and suggestions to improve my blog content.

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