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Steps For Making The Blog And Earning.

Today blogging is a part of our life. We know that blogging provide the assistance for unemployed persons to earn handsome money with limited resource and make his/her life easier. As I think that blogging is a view and thought of blogger and provide the guidelines to new blogger and help them to resolve the issues as well as make familiar with computer.

A blogger can earn money though blogging. Today, so many blogger is getting handsome money through continues blogging. They have addressed so many topics and provide the fact and problem solving materials for new blogger.

Create Best Blog With Free Blogspot

When you start the blogging to earn money, first of all a blog site is required and you can get it through Google “Blogger.com” and press the start button to make your site. All guidelines are given by Google Team.So many people suggest you to making blog on wordpress but important thing is to use that tools which help you to making your blog famous. The tools may be blogger.com or wordpress, it does not matter. Blogspot is free for blogging.

You can log for g-mail (for mail purpose), webmaster tools and analytics with same ID for your convenient. That will help to re-open these sites with single log-in ID and password.  

                               (These pictures are define the process "How to create Blog)                   

After completion of all these steps you will chose the premium template as discussed in “Guidelines” post. If your site is generated by Google Blogger the XML based template will be uploaded easily. I have uploaded the XML file for my blog after taking the Backup/Restore of present template.

You can arrange your template layout but I fill that you can’t modify the template through template design option.

Now your blog is ready for blog posting. These are the steps for new blogger.

As I talked in first paragraph, blogger can earn money to post the unique content on blog. It is also necessary to get the “Organic” (organic means new client search your blog through Google search engine) visitors on your blog. If you think that a sufficient numbers of visitors are spent long time with your content and comments on your blog, you can apply to get the Google Ad-sense through blogging dashboard of your blog.

You can earn money through Google Ad-sense if you receive the approval and ‘Add’ will see on your site. Now start blog today.  

You can take the help to click the URL of undermentioned video .


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