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Sitemap Submission Process For Google Yahoo And Bing.

A sitemap is a process, which arranges your site in well manner. It will identify the URL and data of your blog content in section wise. A good sitemap helps to new and old visitors to track the old article directly and easily. When blog returning visitor’s percentage high then that will be a good sign because that means, visitors are very convenient to move from one point to another without putting any extra effort.
As your website got big to bigger from day to day, it was difficult to any search engines to show the all material or headlines of blog content, something ‘Skipping’ during crawling, and at that time a good sitemap helps to identify the concern page or content.

Sitemap is necessary for all search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yandex ect. In this search engine Yandex .com is one of the largest internet companies in Europe, operating Russia’s most popular search engine and the percentage of visitors are very high on that.

Now I start to share about the process, how we generate the sitemap for our blog or site and how place it for, proper crawling of content of site by search engines.

First, you open your blog dashboard and generate the new page to place the HTML sitemap there. I am discussing the process, which I have adapted during generating my sitemap. You can opt. another process, as you fill convenient.
Now go the site: www.XML-Sitemaps.com

And open the Free Online Sitemap Generator. You read the process how to generate the site maps in 4 simple steps and save the XML and HTML site both on your desktop.

Copy the HTML sitemap for your page as generated from dashboard and paste there with headlines “Sitemap OF My Blog”, now open the downloaded XML site map, that sitemap will open new window, you copy the URL as shown in new window and paste it on Bing.com sitemap submission page as it is seeing in screenshot and press SUBMIT. Your submission is now completed for Bing.com. Yahoo submission goes through the Bing site, so your yahoo.com will be also crawled.

Now we discuss about the sitemap submission with Google.com. All process is same, here you will only open the Google webmasters and enter in dashboard and click the sitemap option and now you put your site URL here and press submit. One thinks I want to clear here that your site should be already verified by webmasters; otherwise you cannot open the dashboard.

When you submit the URL, please write your blog URL with sitemap.xml.

Like this: - http://rajeshdeepak.blogspot.in/sitemap.xml (your URL will be mentioned during submission).

In last picture, I have rounded the place, which you can use to download the sitemap file.

You can enjoy after submission of sitemap URL because now search engines will ready to do work like enhance your site rich and increase organic traffic on site.

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  1. Thank you! I am extremely happy that I came across your blog and submitted for sitemap. All the very best for your future. God bless you!

  2. Great information, i’ve got some problem with yoast xml, webmaster says my sitemap generate by yoast is having error so i turn it off and use bwp google sitemap.