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SEO Tips To Improve Site Traffic-Indexing-Crawling.

It is very much useful to know about the SEO process & tips. The full form of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO tips will be useful to interact the visitors and search engine both. You should not be understood that these tips are guaranteed to rank your site number one. There are some tips to help to improve your site ranking and make easier to crawl and index your post for search engine.
It is here define that what is best for visitors but you should take decision that the changes in optimization required or continue with present,
because customer attach and know your work and if they find the content as he wants, then they will visited again and again. So, it is very important to make the test of content. Search engine is not more important than visitors.  

Here I described some important points, which is important to discuss.
*SEO Basics – content should be unique with accurate page title. Use smartly the Meta tag description, to describe the content of post. Your URL structure should be more impressive and site should be easier to navigate. Content of your post should be unique with anchor text as well as heading tag. Optimize your image part and relevant with text. Know about “nofollow” for link to not crawl your text. Site should be reachable on mobile users and guide them accurately. A promotion side should not be leave, you should be use the right ways to promote your website as well as use the webmaster tools for that.

These are some points which should be use to improve the credibility and reach of site to more and more customers. I would like to clear here that search engine optimize only organic search results not sponsored and paid service results.

A unique title always attracts the people and crawl by search engine. You should be conscious to select the post title. The title reflects as a headline at the time of indexing your post by Google search engine. So, be careful to choose the Title. Title is reflecting the summery of your post in sentence. A right article help to Google to know that this page is different from the other site. Place the title brief, descriptive and informative. Chose short title, otherwise Google will show only a portion of that in search result. I will prescribe to place your title in Eight Words.

Meta tag description is important for you. A right description will make right snippets for your page. Google might use the right and described Meta tag in open directory project, if you listed your site there. So, for future prospect, you will be care about the description part also. I would like to add some points to avoid writing the Meta tag in this way.

*Avoid – Describe your Meta tag without any relation of your page content. Use description like “This is a web page” or “page about auto generation”. Paste the entire content or use only one keywords for description.

I will advise to write description as content you serve with your page; each page should be described in proper way. Well Meta tag increases the visibility and traffic on your site.

In another part is URL part. You should make the simple URL to easy to remember. URL is also reflected with the headline of post in indexed part. Google will be capable to crawl any type of URL but a simple URL has recommended for visitors.

Now I would like to discuss on Navigation part. Navigation is a very important for website, customer and search engine. All website have a home or ‘root’ page. Only this page is use to publish your post. You should make the another pages to with description based name like News, Technology etc. and write the correct description in that page separately for proper navigation of your site. That helps the visitors to go at specific page through general page (on root page) directly. It is also important to provide the key to allow the visitors to quickly navigate back to previous or vice versa through use the upper and lower part.

At the time of completing your site, a sitemap is necessary to find out ‘what is where’. So, make submit two sitemap. First is for visitors on upper case and second is for your site on lower case.  Lower case site will describe the hierarchy of your listed pages. You can also use HTML site map and linked to your page. This will be text base map so you can download it from xml.sitemap.com site and pest on your sitemap page.

                                      (Describe your sitemap like this)

Avoid getting the ‘custom 404 page ‘message, when you search a page to read. That indicates that your page link is not working. This is called broken link. So, you confirm that your page is properly linked. A broken links put the bad impact on visitors.

Write better anchor text to make easy to understand by Googlebot. Like if you write on money card payout system, anchor text will be money card.

Optimize your use of image. Use image if content demanded. Another part is heading tag. Use does not it very frequently at any place. There are six size of heading tag work from h1 to h6. Be careful to use this catching eye tools for users.

I think these tips will help to beginners to improve the site visibility, content development and other thing. You can use to read some relevant link from blow. 

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