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LG Upcoming OLED TV: A Challenge For Samsung Curved TV.

This news has flashed by ABC news. LG Electronics has announced new high definition TV to replace the present LED version TV. The new version will launch with advance technology. The consumer will pay more than that from present LED version TV.

The new technology based TV is OLED with ultra high definition. LG is South Korean company and in first phase, company will launch its ship 65-inch OLED TVs in South Korea, North America and Europe.
The screen of this TV is 77-inch. May be it comes in Korean market after this year.Presently major TV makers are using the LCD screen. The screen of LED is good and its picture quality is more superior then other TV model. Today they are using the super high resolution picture.

OLED TV making cost is higher than HD quality based TV and LED TV. LG’s 65-inch screen TV cost is near about 12 million and other ultra HD TV cost is near about $3000 but you can judge through picture quality, OLED TV will be superior to HD.

As description received by company about the OLED TV recently, but the cost of TV may hamper the number of middle purchasing capacity client. If company adopt any strategy to grab the Europeans and Asian countries customers, may be they successful but they can lose the customer base of some Asian countries.

LG said that they beat the record and replace the LCD screen from OLED. They also announced to reduce the cost of the product and will come down in affordable level.

LG launched OLED to beat the Samsung curved TV as seen in market. Presently Samsung are using the OLED technology in its Smartphone’s and Tablet computers and LG want to take the first start to launch OLED TV.

It will be interesting for market players and customers that how LG reduce cost of TV for its middle class
customers and when they penetrate the Indian market in coming days. 

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