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Infolink Provides Four Add Option To Earn Money.

Infolinks is a company, which provides the assistance to earn money through add. If you could not be got the approval from Google Ad-Sense then you can earn money through Infolinks. Infolinks approval is easier then Google Ad-Sense as I felled. 

I would like to share my views hear. It is no doubt that Google Ad-Sense is a good resource to get money in present scenario, but If your approval has been rejected several times from Google and your website is ready to earn money with unique content then the best option to apply in infolinks. 
As I felled when I show my daily report on infolinks about my earning that if you are engaged your viewers from UK, USA and other European countries, your earning will be more than to engage the Indian or Asian visitors.

Now I am starting to share the process to link your web or blog with infolinks.

It is very important that your blog should be ready with unique content as well as your blog will be hold at least 15 post. Infolinks has not set any barrier to provide the ad-sense approval. They may be given the approval if your site is running with less page viewers (near about 50 page viewers per day if shown in Google analytics).   

So, first of all open the infolinks site – Infolinks.com

Now you login with publisher’s option as give on site and entered with your facebook login id and password. Now you will generate your integrate code after placing your site URL.

You can opt. the platforms as your blog or site belongs to. Like blogger, word press etc and can verify blog also.

I chose the common platform option like JavaScript (any platform) and my process is based on that.

You copy and paste the code in right before the closing </body> tag at the end of your code and press the save template button. I have explained in picture.

Your 90 % work has been done now you have to go to your infolinks dashboard and sent the request to get the approval.

The infolinks team will intimate you through mail that they will take 48 hours to approve or disapproved your site. As per my experience if you apply on working day, may be they approve or disapproved your request on same working day (I have received same day approval).

If you get the approval mail then login with your facebook id and customize your blog with the option provided by the company. I have explained the all part through indicator in picture.  

Now you can change your site ads colors as per your choice through Customize In Text option as well as can opt. the number of add image or text through the option like intext, infold, intag, inframe. 
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