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Index Your Post Instantly To Use The Google Webmaster Tools.

Indexing is a major part for bloggers. His all effort of uniqueness of content and fast writing may be go in vain, if Google takes long time to crawl his post and indexed for Google search. So, many market players, like business persons was facing this problems since long and his thought to index the content headline on Google site instantly go in vain, when his content does not list in Google search.
That impacted his business and confidence. They were not assured and cannot be confident that the content will indexed same day, in a week or month.

Google has marked these issues and provided the tools to short out the indexing problem. He added a new option “Fetch” as well as “Fetch And Render”.
First of all I am describing here, what is Fetch and Fetch with Render.

Fetch is the process in which Googlebot attempting the fetch their pages. The problems like hacking, side-effects, technical problems check by server header and HTML. When you opt. this,  Googlebot would be able to render the page.

Fetch and Render is the process in which Googlebot will try to find all external files involved and then fetch them as well. These file frequently include JavaScript, CSS, and Image might be directly embedded through these tools.

If you opted the second option “Fetch and Render”. You will be given some time to Google to process the request. Once it will be ready, you can click on the response row to see the results instantly.

Now I start to explain the process of fetching and indexing. This process was used by me and if you want to do it according to your opinion, you can do.

First you use the tools to download your sitemap, because sitemap is important to see the all activity of your page content like, click, indexing of page etc. You can take help of my post “Sitemap SubmissionProcess For Google Yahoo And Bing” to know how add the sitemap to your webmasters tools. After submission of sitemap, it will take time to index your page.

You confirm that all pages have been indexed then OK. Otherwise you go to the option Crawl of webmasters tools and enter again in Sitemap option; you can see here that what the exact number is seeing of indexed page.

Now you opt. the Fetch As Google option and enter the rest of URL part in given block and press any of the red button as you submitted the request like- fetch or fetch and render. When you submit your URL, please ensure to press the key as shown in row of path and now you again see the message in place of key that “URL Submitted to Index”.

                         ( Described The Fetch And Fetch And Render Key)         

I would like to also share that you can verify your link through robots.txt tester. After submission of URL you press the key Test, if you’re URL is ok that will be shown ‘Allowed”. 

Now you start the process to submit the sitemap and URL fetching as described above.

This facility has been available by Google webmasters to help new or continue bloggers, who are genuine and his blog have the unique and marvelous content as well as want to add new article or post in Google index list. 

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