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How To Zero Your Bounce Rate: Proofed Here.

Bounce rate word is probable use to see the acceptance and engagement with content. Lower bounce rate means you are in right way to engage and encourage the viewers to read your article. Higher bounce rate means visitor was not interested with your article or article was not up to the mark as he wants. This definition is not technical; it is only simple concept as I think.

If we technically defined it, so we can say that the bounce rate is the percentage of single page sessions. That means a person has not shown any interest on your other page, his comeback or left the page only seen the entrance page.

There are so many reasons that you can get the high bounce rate. May be your site only have single page, visitors did not tracked the content as he wants, you did not put the tracking code of analytics on rest of the  attached page or did not associated the page to each other to make the continuity of visitors.

You can use these tips to reduce the bounce rate. First of all, you make your site navigation part strong, so a visitor can track any think, when they land on your site. Associate your page to each other to highlight the content of pages randomly. You can use the lower part of your blog page to put the link of other content randomly. Analyze the site setup, may be design of site help to improve the bounce rate, so change the design.

You should be analyzing the particular data; specific traffic sources, which are the part to improve the bounce rate and resolves the issue. Your unique, interesting and valuable content will be definitely help to reduce the bounce rate, so write the article or post on daily basis to attract the visitors.

Here I want to also suggest you that don’t ignore to analyze the site speed and assure himself that the percentage of speed be not lower from 85%. Google assure that the speed of site does not affect the bounce rate, but I think higher site speed impress the visitors and may be they visit another time to judge the content of site.

Lastly I would like to suggest one thing here that Set your level part on your site to help the visitors to track the content with short form of headlines or content part.

So, be careful from bounce rate part, a lowest bounce rate will help to increase the number of visitors as well as help to make the money through AdSense.

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