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How To Verify The Site Through Webmaster Tools.

It is very important verification for any blog or site. This verification authenticates the genuinety of site and its owner. I have failed several times to get the verification of my site through webmaster tools. 
There are some reasons that I want to explain here. 

Webmasters instruct to copy paste the HTML Meta tag to add your site’s home page.

In starting phase I know that I will be paste the code with new page and I add the new page with layout option of my site dashboard and press the HTML option and paste the code there as well as published immediately, now went to webmaster tools and press the verification button and received the message that “your site verification has not completed, because you have place the code at wrong place. Several times I got this message. Then I read and experiment on the wrong message and finally get the verification message.

Here I am sharing the process details to verify your site by Google webmaster tools for beginner’s bloggers

I only explained here for Meta Tag verification process, because I only used this.

First of all go to Google Webmasters Tools web page and sign in to webmaster tools.

Then you add your site to press the “Add A Site” button.

Now as you can click on ‘verify this site or manage site button’ as see in screenshot. Now the next screen will be recommended: HTML Tag. Here you will see the three option, one for Recommended Method, Second for Alternate Method and Last one History.

Select the Recommended option and copy the Meta tag as generated in White Square.

Now you open your site dashboard and go to template option and press the Edit HTML. You will get the HTML editing part of your site the press CTRL+F to search the <head> option and then paste your code after the end of <head> like picture 4.

After paste your code you save you template and go to webmaster tools recommended method and press the “Verify” for verification of your site and the message will see on screen “congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of blog.

When you press the continue button, your site dashboard is ready to reflect the data.

Now Google always reflect the site ownership with you. Lastly I want to clear hear that don’t erase or replaced your Meta tag from your HTML code after getting the successful verification.

You can post your queries regarding this through my contact us email ID. 
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