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How To Track Number Of Like Through Facebook.

So, many plugins are available to know the visitors and number of people, who like your blog. When I started the blogging, I was unable to know that how much my blogging likes by the visitors. They like my views or just visit on my blog and spent the time recklessly.
Then I started to search the tools, because it was necessary to spread the message to new blogger that they can use these tools to know the number of likes they receive against the blog content.

Search Facebook And Sign It.

In first phase I searched the facebook tools option and completed my journey there, because I got the solutions. Facebook like option declare and display the total number of people who have liked your page or blog content.

I have given the URL to directly go there.

The site of facebook will open like this.

You have to only change the URL as given in Faceplie as changed by me to get the like button for my blog.

When you change the URL - https://www.facebook.com/yourblogname .
(Like this -  https://www.facebook.com/RajeshBlog) ,The image will change and facebook logo will see with the message like 3 people like this.

Next you should generate the Code to press the “Get Code” button and go to layout of your blog to add the HTML/Java script box.

Now you put the HTML code there and save the code. When you come back on your blog the image will be shown like this.

Another option also mentioned in facepile to change the color scheme and photo size. Get the benefit of this option before generating the Code. One thing I want to clear here that if some people have liked your page but none of the viewing person’s friends have liked it, the plugin will only display the total number of people like 3 or 4.

If  you are displaying people, who are already connected with your site of blog, but none of the viewing person's friends have connected yet, the pluging render nothing about this.These are tools to know about the numbers of likes on facebook

Guideline To Upload The Free Template
Download Link For Blog: Use Free Google Server.

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