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How To Generate Fresh Image For Blog Content.

It is a problem for new beginners to get the unpublished pictures for blog to attract the more and more people with fresh content and picture; so many bloggers search the image in Google image. But they always want to add the picture clips as per his/her choices and relevant to the blog content.
Now, I want to resolve this problem, because I have faced same problem. I was afraid that if I cut paste the picture from Google image or anywhere else, may be Google deny to approve the Ad-Sense request as per its policy terms and conditions.  

So I started to generate the new image and picture through running video and paint brush option.

I have defined the step by step process to get the fresh image for your blog. You can save your picture to make the slide show also.

First you analyzed which type of content you have written and which type of picture you required. Like, if you have written the content for any Bollywood actor upcoming movie then go the YouTube (www.youtube.com)  and run the video now pause the picture, which you want to make the still image. Like this.

   (Take the print screen shot and paste the video clip in paint brush new page)  
Then you open the paint brush option from your computer start button like this and paste the image in open page of paint brush and save in JPG format (drag the save as type option) with name. Use only to save in JPG format, because it will be convenient to upload the image due to small size in site.

    (Open the new page and paste the image here and save the page)     

Now your image is ready to upload in your blog.

Now you have to open your blog dashboard and press the create new post option to write your post and insert the image, where you want to get in page and publish the post with the content.

Now, your problem has resolved to search the new or unpublished image for you blog. You can create the image through paint brush and can be uploaded in blog page also as seen in picture. 
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