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How To Add Facebook Like Box With Blog.

Facebook like button is a button, which provide the facility to visitors to press the button and can vote for the blog content superiority and agreed the uniqueness and goodness of blog post.When I started to add the like button with by blog, I faced technical problems during the process.

Here I am sharing with you complete process to add the facebook like button with face of the visitors and number of visitors like the post.

In first stage you will be search the HTML gadget in layout option of blog dashboard. If you did not add the HTML/Java Script to add the third-party functionality to your blog, you cannot add the facebook like button.

Shared Screenshot As Recorder For Help.

As seen in screenshot you open your blog dashboard and go to layout option, when the layout screen appears, press the Add A Gadget button and opt. the HTML/Java Script.

Screen Shot Recorder For Help
Now you open the your facebook account and go to “Use Facebook As” and press the create page option. A new window will open, select the Brand Or Product page and create your page in facebook with your blog name.

Your page looks like this..

Social Network Plugging

Now you opt the Like Box from Social Plugging. Some changes are required to see your facebook like box. First of all change the Facebook Page URL. I have changed the URL for my blog so, you can get the help of under mentioned screen shot and do the changes as like this.

You press the Get Code and generate the code as well as place the code in HTML/Java script Bucket and save that.

Now you can view the facebook like on your blog. It is upon you 'how to increase facebook likes' on your blog.  

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