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Google Tested Drone: A Unmanned Flight Secretly.

Latest news as I received that Google drone has officially begun and some sites are displayed the video of Google Drone. Last year the company Amazons shows the drone delivery prototypes and Google has taken new steps to complete the project. Google has tested this project in Australian cattle country. Google has taken this project and was working from three years on this and now the team has successfully completed its first delivery on 13 August, which was a chocolate bars. Continuously team took the trail on other product also.
Google co-founder Sergey Brin was challenged that his drone
will be capable to deliver the product to right person at right time and that has been proofed in the trail part.

Google team has selected the delivery items after conversation with the local people, ‘how delivery might help the people in their job’ and done accordingly as said by Brin. Team has taken several successful trails (near about 30) and confirms the delivery of goods. Now they are thinking that what they have learned and what amendments are needed.

They are also trying to get the approval to fly the unmanned flights. It is the part of Federal Aviation Administration in USA. When the flight of the drone will approved and companies will use this drone system to make the delivery system strong, the next traffic jam will be in sky. These drone will be move in sky like mechanical mosquitoes buzzing around you. In-spite of all these, industry and people are eager and want to know, when it will come in use.

Meanwhile, the president and CEO of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle System International said that this project is demonstrating its potential and this help to revolutionize the industry, farmer’s productivity, search for lost hikers, filming Hollywood movie etc. They also indicate the most important of its use that is “this will help to save the life and money of the people as well as improve the connectivity also”.

Google says that customers are waiting to start the delivery system, because they want to save time and it is not important for them, which type of delivery system adopted by the company.

Google has decided to work more in coming month and will make the system of drone more reliable and will try to reduce the noise of drone as well as improving the delivery target and making definitely for its self flying and drone able to see each other to avoid the clash in sky.
So, hope in coming future, industries will use the drone system and will improve the customer base faster for company. 

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