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Google Recruits Tech Gaint To Success The ‘Kashi Vision’.

Recently First Post has published the news related to Modi Kashi Vision. Post has clearly mentioned that Google Recruits Tech Gaint to execute Varanasi plans.

As we know that Modi decided at the time of election, when he will be PM of India, the first work will be to make the Varanasi for tourism “Pilgrimage Rejuvenation” and Kashi will be the national cultural hub.
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“Those who are working on the project is Google, professionals and consultants are engaged to trace the tourism hot spots in Varanasi. They are working on the beautification and landscaping, mapping of the city for better movement and security.

                                                         Varanasi Ghat Picture.

There are so many problems in Varanasi like pollution, unplanned development, sewage and low capacity sewage treatment plants. Modi Government has announced in budget that they will make ‘NRI Ganga Fund’ to help drive fund collection and they will spend on special project. Modi has discussed on the Varanasi plan in two separate meetings and announced to bring back the city’s glory.

                                                    (Ramnagar Fort & Museum In Varanasi)

So, many drives are open for Varanasi like clean-up Varanasi, traffic plan, auditorium, music & film academy.

Modi has explained and has said about his plan for Varanasi on Twitter, he shared all these things on face book and twitter and that is helping to know that how he is conscious about the Varanasi project and implementation.

As we searched on the Modi Twitter account Narendra Modi Twit@narendramodi on May 29, 2014.

“India will become a Jagat Guru when Varanasi becomes Rashtra Guru, Let’s work together to create a developed Varanasi”.
-Narendra Modi (@narendramodi).

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