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Google AdSense: Check 11 Points Before Applying For AdSense.

Google has marked some norms for publisher to have a long term and successful partnership with them. They described all things as required to participate with Google AdSense programe.

Google does not compromise with violations of terms and condition. They can reject the request or terminate the approved request, if they find any violations at the time of submission the request as well as in future also.

Team of Google suggest to new bloggers to check few thinks before applying or submitting request for Ad-Sense.

I would like to share the points.

*You want to create a site with great content and judge that site will work well, in-terms of proper navigation, original or unique content, attract advertisers, proper crawled by search engine. Crawling is the important part, you should write unique and full content (near about 300 to 400 words) to help the Google to identify the information of page and place the relevant ads on page.

*your age should me at least 18 years. (It will be reflected when you will accept the terms and condition)

*Your site complies with the Google policy and site should be managed accordingly at time of submitting the application as well as when you get the approval. I would like to inform you that if Google disabled your account, you cannot be eligible for further participation in the Adsense program. You will be updated your site as per norms and policy of Google.

There are some tips to avoid permanent disable your account. Don’t click your own ads, Don’t encourage to anyone to click on your ads, Don’t place any adult, pornography, mature, hacking/cracking, drug paraphernalia, sells or advertiser product, bear or alcoholic content on your blog.

*Now this point is also very important that do not use copy paste option to write your content. Use your views and research to rich the content and differentiate you from all of them and uplift your identity in the field of blogging.

*Follow the webmasters guidelines and verify your site on webmaster tools. If your site verify by webmaster tools, that will help you for better use of Google Plus and you can see the comments of Google, when you check your webmasters account. It will help to Google to indexed and rank your site.

*I would like to share here that don’t leave your page blank, if you have published any pages. If you home page is based on any city and you have submitted the two page content in one, then differentiate it and mark the page city wise.

*Don’t use any paid-to-click programs, unwanted emails and software application to enhance traffic on your blog, Otherwise Google will be penalized you.

*Don’t place AdSense code on inappropriate places like – pop-ups, email, non content based page.

*When you are applying for the AdSense, you ensure that not any other Ads are running on your blog.

*your website contain the privacy policy & you describe your policy to create a separate page.

*You can place up to three AdSense for content units on one webpage and maximum 300X600 ad unit as well as can place three link unit and two search boxes also on page.

I have described here as possible as I can. You can ask any question, if you have any doubt.

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