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Download Link For Blog: Use Free Google Server.

I would like to share the process “How To Add Download Link” with your blog. It has been observed that every blogger write the good and unique content on blog, but as well as they want to share the image or wall paper with visitors. So, I am sharing the process, which I have adapted to add the ‘Download’ link with blog content.

First of all I would like to say that open your blog dashboard and then open a post or page, where you want to add the download link. You can use the link mid of the page or post if your content has demanded.
Then go with the Google site: - http://sites.google.com

Now enter with your Google account. (You can enter with your blog user id and password, if you have the Gmail account). Now you will create new website with name.

Then in second stage you have to create a page and save with a name. You may be opt. the name of page like “Host” or “Download Image”.

To add the image, songs and movie you will be opened or click the host page to add the content. These processes will take some time to upload the image or songs. Here I want to confirm that, you can upload the file in any format like xml,video, php etc. After completion of file uploading, you will copy the location as described in image. Click mouse right side on image (downward arrow) and copy the link. Now past the link, from where you want to download the image, video any think else.

I would like to describe my last sentence here. When you copy the link, go to your blog dashboard and open the post (new or old) and write-down the “DOWNLOAD”. Now select the written letter and open the link option as given in page upper side and define the link as well as publish your post.

Now your Download link is ready to work. When anyone presses the link whole documents has been downloaded in system.

You can generate the link to use the process anywhere like bottom of image, inside the image. I think I have described the all important think and hope that this will helpful for beginners.

Thanks to read this blog, you are fill free to ask any question about this. 
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